Mendix Direct Model Testing

Menditect Test Automation (MTA) – Menditect enhances the speed of Mendix app delivery to the business by removing test automation bottlenecks. Menditect MTA delivers unparalleled test coverage for acceptable costs to our customers.

Video Demonstrations

  • Use your existing Mendix model to define and execute test scripts directly without writing test code.

  • Reduce test maintenance with automatic consistency checks on the created test model and existing Mendix model.

  • Full range support for unit-, component- and process tests.

  • Test multiple Mendix apps in one run and multiple app versions in different test configurations.

Additional Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Mendix 'Direct Model Testing'

    Test directly on the Mendix models. Avoid the costly maintenance of multiple test automation tools and leverage the existing skills of your Mendix team.

  • Consistency checking

    Check test script integrity and consistency of configured tests automatically against Mendix models enabling for easy maintenance and high quality test models.

  • Data variation

    Re-use test scripts with different datasets in order to test the boundaries of your app with a data driven test approach.

  • CI/CD integration

    Integrate test automation in your CI/CD pipeline with our CI/CD API’s and allow for early (shift left) testing.

  • Success and defect history

    Track software defects easily by evaluating test results down to the level of object changes and executed microflow results and monitor test success over time.

  • Data injection

    Automate labor-intensive setup and cleanup of master data so that the test conditions are optimal and correct every time the test is run.

Use case

Release faster by testing early

For a large Mendix customer the release cycle is shortened by two weeks. The development team saves on error recognition and repair by automating and executing regression tests as early as possible. The need for extensive manual and automated UI tests for gaining test coverage is greatly reduced by executing unit-, API- and process tests directly on the Mendix model.