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Customers can insure their high-value personal property with a user-friendly app that is integrated to an accurate rating engine.

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  • Build your rating engine within Mendix or integrate an existing tool with your Mendix app.

  • Connect to your preferred Payment Service Provider through Mendix.

  • Build fully responsive applications that will work seamlessly across all devices.

  • Launch applications and solutions at speed. Make adjustments, corrections, and updates in real time.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real-time integrations with leading enterprise software platforms help you realize operation excellence.

  • Engaging User Interface

    Create innovative and engaging user interfaces directly in the Mendix platform, with both Atlas UI and custom extensions.

  • Native Mobile

    Build mobile-first apps that provide your customers with rich, engaging experiences at speed.

Use case

The Future of Insurance: Product Innovation Opportunities Right Under Carriers’ Noses

Our world is becoming progressively more digital, and today’s consumers are increasingly comfortable using new technologies. In fact, they expect these digital experiences in every interaction in their lives, including their interactions with insurers. This means that the future of insurance needs to become much more digital.