Supplier Delivery Inspections

Improve the process of identifying, inspecting and processing delivered goods. Save time on identifying delivery vehicles by leveraging OCR.

Increase delivery inspection efficiency

Leverage OCR to improve the identification of delivery vehicles and retrieve purchase orders from ERP.

Empower quality inspectors with offline apps powered by data from Teamcenter, ERP systems, and Opcenter.

Identify purchase orders and part details by leveraging QR-Codes to retrieve information from SAP and Teamcenter.

Gain transparency into how suppliers are performing according to delivery targets.

Key Solution Capabilities

  • ERP

    Connect to enterprise ERP systems, such as SAP, to track stock levels, manage quality control, and confirm delivery.

  • Teamcenter

    Retrieve product information, like the Bill of Materials and 3D models, from Teamcenter to support the quality assurance process of delivered items.

  • Mobile Offline

    Access information anywhere at anytime regardless of internet connectivity. Connectivity to back-end systems is gracefully handled and data is synchronised to the server when connectivity is regained.

  • Opcenter

    The Opcenter connector allows inspectors to compare products and make informed decisions regarding product quality.

  • OCR

    Quality inspectors can use OCR to “read” a scanned license plate and retrieve delivery and purchase order details from SAP.

  • QR Scanning

    Leverage QR scanning and connections to Teamcenter and SAP to improve the identification and quality control.

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