Embedded Insurance Distribution: Made Simple With Mendix and Guidewire

Today’s consumers want convenience, and insurers can take control of that by embedding insurance offers into existing shopping experiences. Whether it’s buying a car, airline tickets, or regular online shopping, insurers have a huge opportunity.

But when insurers have to work through siloed systems, workarounds, and reams of paper? That’s not so convenient.

Mendix, the leading enterprise application development platform, and Guidewire, the leading P+C insurance cloud platform, have partnered to make it simple to embed insurance and loan offers in one seamless digital experience. Combining financing and insurance options increases earning potential. Offering them to consumers in the flow of the purchase makes it easy for them. And Guidewire’s Advanced Product Designer combined with APIs and the Mendix platform’s ability to iterate quickly makes it simple for insurers.

Getting to the future of distribution doesn’t have to be painful. Mendix and Guidewire have made it simple to create a complete digital experience that will wow customers AND partners.

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