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The Only Application Platform Built for Speed, Collaboration and Control

Put collaboration at the heart of your application development process to deliver what your business needs faster. Mendix provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools and platform services for the entire app lifecycle, from ideation and development through deployment and operation.

Collaborative Visual Development

Empower a continuum of people to build apps without code, from business experts to professional developers. Visually model full-stack applications, including data models, UIs, and logic. Combine with reusable components to deliver apps 10 times faster than traditional approaches.


Visual Development

  • - Model Driven (Data Models, UI, Logic)
  • - Rapid Web-based Prototyping
  • - WYSIWYG Page Editor

Collaborative Development

Continuous Integration


  • - Public & Private App Stores
  • - Page Templates, Building Blocks, Widgets
  • - Components
  • - Micro Services
  • - 3GL Extensions
Mendix Platform Laptop Screenshot
Mendix UI Screens

Beautiful Mobile and Multi-Channel Apps

Build applications once and run them anywhere, without multiple tools and code bases. Design beautiful responsive user interfaces and native experiences. Use rich out-of-the box page templates, layouts, and themes, or design your own. Deliver offline apps with local data storage, logic, and data synchronization. Update dynamically over the air without republishing.


Beautiful UX/UI

Build applications once and run them anywhere, without multiple tools and code bases.

  • - Navigation Layouts
  • - Page Templates
  • - Building Blocks
  • - Widgets
  • - Design Properties
  • - Responsive Design


Deliver offline apps with local data storage, logic and data synchronization. Update dynamically over the air without republishing.

  • - Offline Support
  • - Device Features
  • - Gestures & Animation
  • - Over-the-Air Updates

Smart and Connected

Build proactive, context-aware Smart Apps to create new sources of competitive advantage. Leverage emerging technologies and integrate with any system or cloud service using visual data mapping, web APIs, and our connector kit.

Mobile Smart Apps

  • - IoT
  • - Machine Learning
  • - Streaming Processing
  • - Cognitive Services
  • - Real-time Analytics

Speed Connected

  • - Connector Kit
  • - Standards-based Integrations (REST, SOAP, XML)
  • - Complex Data Mapping
Responsive Applications Screenshots


Enable continuous delivery with built-in DevOps, or integrate with Jenkins or your existing DevOps toolset using Mendix Platform APIs. Version, provision, and stage cloud-native applications and deploy to the cloud of your choice.

Environment Details
  • cloud Multi-Cloud Deployment
  • Deploy Automated Deployment Management
    • – 1-Click Deployment
    • – Version Management
    • – Continuous Integration
    • – Automated Testing
  • Backup Backup
  • Monitoring Monitoring & Alerting
  • Recovery Disaster Recovery
  • Logs Log Management

Cloud Native and Multi-cloud Deployment

Deliver web scale, highly available apps with a cloud-native, stateless architecture. Deploy on any public, private, or virtual private cloud, or on-premises.

  • Architecture 12-Factor App Architecture
  • Foundry Cloud Foundry & Docker/Kubernetes Deployment
  • Hands Out-of-the-box High Availability
  • Scaling Automated Vertical and Horizontal Scaling
  • Heartbeat Performance Management
  • Management Self-service Resource Management
Cloud Foundry and Docker
Laptop with web modeler background

AI-Assisted Development

Mendix Assist uses machine learning to analyze over 5 million application logic flows delivering 90% accuracy on microflow next steps.

Mendix Modeler for Application Development Screenshot
  • Teach

    Mentor new developers with guided recommendations to accelerate modeling proficiency.

  • Advise Icon


    Partner with a virtual pair programmer to gain efficiency and learn best practice.

  • Assist Icon


    Prevent defects before they happen reducing time and cost impact by 100x.

Security and Quality

Deliver applications faster without compromising quality or security. Leverage a fully automated test suite to proactively address functional flaws and technical defects throughout the development process. Continuously analyze your applications against the ISO 25010 Software Quality Standard to proactively monitor and improve maintainability. Ensure comprehensive security management and control through identity management, two-factor authentication, and fine-grained audit trails.

  • Shield Security
    • - Identity Management
    • - Two-Factor Authentication
    • - Platform Security
    • - Audit Trails
    • - Certifications
  • Checklist Quality Management
  • Robot Test Automation
Mendix Web Security Screenshot

Openness and Extensibility

Never get locked in or hit roadblocks with a platform that’s open and extensible on every level. Seamlessly extend your application with custom code when you need to. Leverage your existing development toolchain with our Platform APIs. Your models are open and accessible through the Model API and Platform SDK.

Open Platform
  • Lock

    Open Standards

    (Cloud Foundry, BPMN, SAML2, ADFS, etc.)

  • Group 1313 Created with Sketch.

    Open Models

    (API, SDK)

  • Group 1367 Created with Sketch.

    Open Data

    (OData, SQL)

  • Group 1040 Created with Sketch.

    Platform Extensibility

    (Platform APIs)

  • Group 982 Created with Sketch.

    App Extensibility

    (JavaScript, Java, Scala)