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Rapidly build, deploy and run multi-channel enterprise apps

Build any business application much faster and easier than traditional methods.

Experience the power of Mendix and design multi-device, multi-channel enterprise applications with your own data model, complex business logic, process flows and integrations using visual models and directly deploy to your users with a single click. Find Out More

“Productivity with Mendix is 6x higher than the Industry Average”

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Rapidly build, deploy and run multi-channel enterprise apps
App Cloud - One place for all your applications

App Cloud – One place for all your applications

Connect developers, users, and content providers with the open cloud services of the Mendix AppCloud. Turn ideas into apps, share them with others and use them right away.

Wade Sendall

“Mendix has changed the way we deliver business applications – empowering more employees to build the apps they need when they need them,”

Wade Sendall, vice president of IT, The Boston Globe.

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Apps for Any Device

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Even Your Car

Build multi-device apps once and design multiple, amazing UIs optimized for your screen size for a true native user experience. Easily drag+drop native functions such as camera or geolocation into your app and quickly upload to the app store of your choice.

Jilt Bakkes

“Mendix is cloud-based, easy and fast to develop with, and a superb choice for delivering multi-device apps.”

Jilt Bakkes, Director ICT, AVEBE

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Apps for Any Device: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Even Your Car
Deploy Anywhere Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise

Deploy Anywhere: Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise

You have the choice – use the Mendix Cloud, HP Helion, Pivotal, your own private cloud or other IaaS providers such as AWS, IBM or others. Even deploy on premise.

Openstack, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, HP Helion, Pivotal
Phil Augur

“Deploying instantly in the secure Mendix cloud environment further helped us show results quickly and focus on the business need.”

Phil Augur, COO, Arch Re.

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The social platform for business and IT to deliver apps your users will love

When business and IT speak the same language, collaborate directly and share results frequently, innovation is at its best.

Mendix social collaboration, closed loop feedback and fast iteration cycles help teams to get requirements right and delight their users.

Eric Rawlings

“We’ve found that our requirements engineering phases have become more streamlined. There’s actually less upfront documentation required, and more collaboration between business analysts, business engineers, business leaders – it’s really bringing IT together with the Business.”

Eric Rawlings, CTO, Digital Risk LLC.

The social platform for business and IT to deliver the apps your users will love

Designed for the Enterprise

Powerful Enterprise Apps

Whether it is a completely new idea that sparks the development of a modern, multi-channel app, or the need to enhance existing, but inflexible legacy systems with apps users need, or if you are automating complex processes and workflows – Mendix helps you build all the applications that make your business unique.

Mendix Enables LV= to Launch New Insurance Products in Under 6 Weeks

Integrate with your systems

SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics

“We had initially estimated about 30 days of development time for each interface. But with Mendix, we had working interfaces in two days.”

– Matthias Bartels, SAP SD/CRM Business Application Leader, Kao

Open & Connected

Open & Connected

Mendix’s open and scalable architecture provides developers with tools and APIs to easily integrate with and extend applications and app services. Include Java in any Mendix app model and extend your apps with complete flexibility.

Utilize ready-made platform services to gain development efficiency, making new apps more social, powerful and complete.

Oscar Berger

“Mendix provides an easy-to-use, visual way of developing applications that’s much faster and doesn’t require expensive development resources. And the built-in integration with data sources is far superior to anything else we looked at.”

Oscar Berger, ICT Manager, EBN.

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Mendix Community and Marketplace with 100s of Apps

It’s easy to get started, connect and share

Use complete applications from our vibrant partner community or jump start your own app with pre-built components and templates.

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Mendix Community and Marketplace with 100s of Apps