The Benefits of Customer Engagement with Mendix

This blog post is part of our series focusing on Forrester’s The Total Economic Impact Of The Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform report. By using Mendix for your development needs, you can generate $20M in net benefits. This blog focuses on the customer engagement benefits noted by enterprise technical and organizational leaders interviewed by Forrester for the study. Other sections cover application delivery savings, operational efficiencies metrics, and time-to-market advantages attributed to the Mendix platform.

Behind the customer experience (CX) curtain at the highest-performing enterprises, we find technology that turns CX agents into hyper-sentient superheroes. That’s because, as businesses, we need to have access to every detail that’s pertinent to a customer complaint or service request so that we can quickly send ’em away happy—and loyal.

Secondly—on a macro-level—enterprises need technology that allows their IT departments to pivot fast, ingest, and incorporate new disruptions and innovations as they happen. Customers want to see the latest advances, and they want them elegantly integrated into their applications—that takes time, testing, and understanding.

Forrester Says CX with Mendix Can Add $3.1M

Forrester took a deep dive into Mendix’s total economic impact. The research firm attributed a $3.1 million, three-year incremental revenue benefit from improved customer engagement to the low-code development platform. Although the Mendix customers Forester interviewed for the TEI report come from different backgrounds, the benefits they experience come from developers’ abilities to centralize data access and innovate faster, leading to quicker time-to-market.

Let’s take a look at how Mendix can increase the pace of development, delivering successful customer engagement, faster. We’ll also review some concrete, on-the-ground examples of enterprises realizing customer engagement revenue and benefits using Mendix’s low-code application development platform.

Deliver your customer engagement strategy

With Mendix, the customers interviewed for Forrester’s TEI report found that improved customer experience—exemplified by-products that were consistent, easy-to-access, and automated in new and enhanced ways—leads to better engagement, retention, and a 2.5 percent incremental revenue upswing.

Customers think of Mendix as a bottomless toolbox—an application development platform that allows enterprises to think differently about their customer engagement strategy. By making it easy to collaborate and leverage the platform’s low-code, multi-experience flexibility, enterprises move faster and solve more customer-facing challenges in less time. In other words, the fewer limitations you have to consider, the more moonshots you can build.

Consistency Counts

Having the right tool for any challenge also means creating a consistent experience. If you can solve disparate problems with the same low-code application development tool, you can also unify disparate systems under the same platform.

With Mendix, enterprises can uphold the same data standards across different systems. They can build interfaces with composable elements, reuse code, and take advantage of other time-saving and UX-improving benefits.

That means CX agents can quickly find the correct data on a phone call with a distressed customer, speeding up time-to-resolution for even the thorniest issues. It also means enterprises can build one-stop apps for their customer-facing products—all with a unified experience. According to the TEI report, the results lead to happy, loyal customers, more market share, and higher revenue.

This is how you improve customer engagement

A Mendix application leverages low-code to build a better product in less time, with less overhead and employee resources. More time and resources allow for innovation and creativity, especially when coupled with the ability for business-side subject matter experts to communicate with the developers building an application. Better business-IT communication—it’s the difference between creating an application in the dark and building one with full visibility, according to Mendix customer, SUEZ.

SUEZ is one of the largest water, electricity, and waste management companies in the world. With Mendix, SUEZ delivered a fully functional, highly integrated customer e-commerce portal in three months, delivering £500k in new business and cutting customer acquisition costs by 80 percent.

Not only did Mendix’s model-driven development (MDD) platform expedite development roadmaps, but its easy-to-learn visual interface also knocked down walls and roadblocks that stifled creativity at SUEZ. The director of digital at SUEZ, who had never written a line of code beforehand, is now a low-code expert who holds an advanced certification through Mendix. Opening up development, shattering silos with collaboration, and rapidly accelerating deployment have allowed SUEZ to start creatively thinking about what they could do to deliver the best possible customer-facing experience.

Low-Code scales and the possibilities are endless

You may be wondering: what are the limits? If improved customer engagement by way of Mendix’s low code application development platform can create $3.1M of opportunity for an enterprise, consider what low-code can do for a city of 3.3 million. The Municipality of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, used Mendix to digitally transform the paper-based operations of the entire city—digitizing more than 250 services that touch 36 departments and more than 13,000 employees.

In addition, the municipality built an online portal for conducting city business. Businesses and residents can apply for permits, pay bills, and more using the same portal, which now attracts more than 1.5 million users per month. For employees, processing time has dropped significantly as time-wasting approval processes have become automated. Access to previously siloed data is now accessible, also reducing processing time.

Before Dubai digitized its services, it took customers multiple visits to different departments to get the required signatures for a project. This added time and cost to every city-based project. Now, customers, residents, and business owners are stakeholders in the municipality business, and city employees complete tasks in a fraction of the time and cost of before.

Since building their applications with Mendix, Dubai Municipality has cut costs by a fourth and reduced more than 65 percent of development timelines and schedules.

Low-code brings customer engagement benefits

While Forrester’s total economic impact study captures the value of low-code application development platforms, your enterprise’s application development savings will continue well beyond the reported three-year window with Mendix.

See how you can build more applications faster, saving money and resources, and increase revenue through customer engagement improvements with Mendix. Download the full report today and then reference our helpful articles or reach out to learn more.