Collaborative Visual Development with a Model-Driven Platform

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Visual Development

Sync and control the app development process between business developers using the Mendix Studio and professional developers using the Mendix Studio Pro, each using a visual, model-driven development tool tailored for them. All your application models are automatically shared bi-directionally between Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro.

Provides a frictionless entry point into application development. Business developers can actively participate in the app development process, utilizing a browser-based development environment tailored for them. This simple-to-use, WYSIWYG environment enables non-technical domain experts to ideate and iterate rapidly.

Add complex logic and build sophisticated integrations to create enterprise-grade, transactional web and mobile applications. It includes all the capabilities required for software development, including the ability to add custom code when needed.

Domain Models
Domain Models

Build objects, attributes, validations, and data models with a UML-based data modeler.

UI Model
UI Model

Use a WYSIWYG graphical page designer to build fully-responsive web and mobile user interfaces.

Microflows and Nanoflows

Use visual models to create client-side business logic, rich offline-first mobile apps, well as dynamic highly-responsive user interaction.

Live Debugging

Isolate issues, visually step through logic and interrogate data to rapidly solve application bugs.

Collaborative Development

  • Social Buzz

    Your entire extended team, from business stakeholders to professional developers, collaborates through an intuitive and easy web portal, which includes Buzz: your company and app-specific social media feed for cross-functional communication and visibility.

  • Agile Project Management

    Manage your development projects easily and effectively from our application platform.

  • Team Development

    Empower a diverse array of participants to develop applications without creating risk or technical debt. Utilize version control to automatically reconcile the work of multiple teams into a single, unified revision, tied back to user stories.

  • Feedback Management

    Utilize feedback across the entire app journey to continuously iterate in-process applications, consulting domain experts and professional developers, alike. Post-deployment, capture feedback from users not directly participating in application development, and turn it into actionable user stories to drive your next development sprint.


App Services

Mendix App Services enable multiple apps to be used in a component-based architecture. Through simple visual tooling, any application can expose and consume services from any other Mendix app via microflows, supporting multiple versioned services and deployment management through Mendix DevOps tooling. Build distributed microservices architectures without the need for complex integration.

App Store

Give your developers access to an ever-expanding, curated library of over 400 building blocks, made available by Mendix and a vibrant developer community.

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Partner solutions for verticals and domains

Icon of some cubes

Functional and technical building blocks to speed up development

Icon of Github

Integrated with GitHub for open source components

Icon of drag and drop

Connected with the Mendix Modelers for drag-and-drop use

Icon of microservices

App Services for microservices architecture

Icon of private eye

Configurable as a Private App Store