The Mendix community continues to grow at a rapid pace. With low-code on the rise and demand for solutions growing fast, the Mendix Platform provides the speed, ease, and capabilities developers need to deliver. With an influx of new makers, the demand for high quality content and support rises, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of nine new Most Valuable Professionals!

MVPs go above and beyond to share their expertise with the community by answering Forum questions, organizing events, publishing Marketplace content, and much more to help other Makers take full advantage of the platform and build innovative solutions for customers. We recognize their experience, contributions, and expertise by awarding them the status of MVP.

We partner with the MVPs to amplify their efforts to serve the Maker community and pave the way for a new generation of app developers to build the solutions of tomorrow.

Nine New Mendix MVPs

Experts, leaders, evangelists, Makers – that’s what describes the nine newest additions to the Mendix MVP Program. They have shown their Mendix expertise by supporting the community on the Forum and Slack, at Mendix World, and through blogs, meetups, videos and more.

Mendix MVP Andreas BlaesiusAndreas Blaesius, Senior Consultant – CLEVR

One of only a handful of level 10 Makers, Andreas quickly rose through the ranks after starting his Mendix development career in 2016. As an expert certified developer he supports the community with high quality blogs and presentations about data and integrations. Between writing and presenting, he also answers questions on the Forum.


Mendix MVP Aswin van BraamAswin van Braam, Management Consultant – Ordina

As a long time member of the community, Aswin has vast development experience. He organizes Maker Meetups in both the Netherlands and Belgium and frequently evangelizes about Mendix at conferences, podcasts and other events. His number one focus is spreading the word about low-code and Mendix and growing the community with new Makers.


Mendix MVP Derek GardinerDerek Gardiner, CTO – Comotion Business Solutions

Derek leads the community by organizing meetups, writing blogs to spread awareness about low-code and Mendix, and creating the Mendix Malt video series. With more than 7 years experience, his thought leadership inspires makers of all types to join Mendix, try out new features and find solutions to development problems.


Mendix MVP Eline BijkerkEline Bijkerk, Mendix Consultant – Conclusion Low Code Company

Eline is a regular on the Mendix Forum, going to great lengths to provide solutions for both new and experienced Makers. Her excitement and expertise about Mendix development shines through in the work she does at customers, for example, in the heart of national train operator Dutch Railways, which she spoke about at Mendix World.


Mendix MVP Leander LamsLeander Lams, Senior Low-Code IT Business Consultant – Delaware

Leander is passionate about low-code and telling the world about it. Next to his Mendix World session, you can find him hosting webinars for new users and customers or answering Forum questions. With his passion for knowledge sharing, you can also find him giving Mendix workshops at various universities.


Mendix MVP Martin LeppenMartin Leppen, CAPE Groep

Martin was one of the architects who developed the PostNL system that routes over 1.5 million packages every day, earning the Mendix Impact Award solution. He shares his learnings with the team and distills them into best practices that he shares with the community. He is also a regular at Dutch universities, where he teaches guest lectures and workshops on Mendix for a new generation of Makers.


Mendix MVP Micah McMullenMicah McMullen, eXp Realty

Micah wrote the book on Mendix. Literally. He leads a team of advanced Mendix developers, hosts knowledge sessions, contributes to the Marketplace, and organizes hackathons. Between his 8+ years of experience and his expert certificate, Micah is a Mendix veteran who teaches and supports a new generation of low-code developers.


Mendix MVP Quang Nhat TranQuang Nhat Tran(Tony), Mendix Expert – TBN

With Tony’s expertise on React, Deep Learning, and AI he frequently uploads widgets and other extensions to the Marketplace, providing crucial capabilities to the maker community. His blogs help developers understand the inner workings of the platform, how to make their own extensions, and optimize their development and integration strategies.


Mendix MVP Robert PriceRobert Price, Mendix Consultant – Coverwise 

Rob is entrenched in Mendix development on a daily basis and shares his learnings in his blogs and by answering questions on the Forum. In a constant process of developing new technology skills and achieving certifications, he shares his learnings with the community, lifting the knowledge of all makers.


We are excited to work together with these new MVPs to grow the community in size as well as skills so they can deliver the best low-code solutions in the world.

Congratulations to all these Makers!

Who is your MVP?

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