Mendix Selects 11 New MVPs

The Mendix developer community is thriving, experiencing exponential growth, and expanding its reach. The MVP Program takes center stage in supporting this growth in size and capabilities, and today, we are thrilled to announce the latest additions to the program.

Mendix MVPs are the driving force behind our success, dedicating their time and knowledge to help others thrive. They actively contribute by publishing videos, answering Forum questions, organizing events, providing product feedback, and much more to help the community take full advantage of the platform and build innovative solutions for customers. The MVPs exemplify what it means to be a true leader in the Mendix ecosystem.

With great pride, we recognize their outstanding contributions by awarding them the esteemed title of MVP. Together, we collaborate to maximize their impact, enabling a new generation of low-code developers to unleash their creativity and build innovative solutions.

Eleven new Mendix MVPs

Experts, leaders, evangelists – that’s what describes the eleven newest additions to the Mendix MVP Program. They have demonstrated their unparalleled mastery and passion of Mendix through their contributions to the community. From insightful blogs to informative videos, and from providing product feedback to organizing meetups and delivering guest lectures: They inspire and guide the community towards excellence.

Mendix MVP Ananthi Atthimuthu

Ananthi Atthimuthu, Senior Technical Lead, MxTechies

Ananthi is a seasoned expert in building complex architectures for web and native applications, showcasing her depth of experience. By actively providing trainings and workshops, Ananthi has successfully guided numerous developers to become certified. She is eager to use her skills and expertise to make an even greater impact on the larger community. Get ready to dive into a wealth of knowledge with her upcoming webinars, meetups, valuable contributions to the Mendix Marketplace, and informative blogs.


Mendix MVP Bharathidasan Saminathan

Bharathidasan Saminathan, Principal Technical Lead, MxTechies

With extensive experience in his field, Bharathidasan has successfully tackled complex integrations, leaving no challenge unmet. What sets him apart is his passion to share his expertise with the community. Recognizing the market’s needs, he has created and published valuable Marketplace content with practical solutions and how-to blogs that have made life easier for countless Mendix developers. Together, we are excited to continue supporting the community with even more content, engaging meetups, and lots of answers to burning questions.


Mendix MVP Coen Spinhoven

Coen Spinhoven, Mendix Consultant, Bizzomate

Coen is an expert in front-end development whose journey has propelled him to new heights. Ever since discovering the power of Mendix, he has been on a mission to unlock and push the platform to its full potential. His dedication has already made a significant impact on the community, the Mendix Marketplace, and our R&D team. With his passion and unique skill set, we can’t wait to see the remarkable contributions he will be making.



Mendix MVP Jaap van Leeuwen

Jaap van Leeuwen, Mendix Consultant, Webflight

With his wealth of Java experience, Jaap has made significant contributions to the Mendix Community. The publication of high-quality Marketplace content like the JWT Module and Amazon SQS Connector have revolutionized the way developers work. We are looking forward to see the impact Jaap will be making to the Mendix Marketplace, platform, and community as he joins the program.


Mendix MVP Jérémie Degrave

Jérémie Degrave, Solutions Lead, Ordina

Jérémie acts as an ambassador for the Mendix platform, letting his passion and commitment shine through as he organizes and speaks at events, sharing his extensive knowledge with the BeNeLux community. Going beyond the call of duty, Jérémie has also delivered impactful guest lectures, teaching the next generation of Mendix developers. We are thrilled to welcome him into the program and look forward to evangelizing Mendix together.



Mendix MVP Kasja Maksymiak

Kasja Maksymiak, Mendix Consultant, Incentro

Kasja’s enthusiasm, passion, and focus is infectious. She is on a mission to empower more female developers, for example, by organizing a “Girls Day” event, introducing young women to the world of Mendix. It’s a pleasure to have Kasja in the program, and we look forward to work together in maximizing her impact as she continues to make a difference.



Mendix MVP Leon de Kuiper

Leon de Kuiper, Founder, Blue Green Solutions

As a longtime member of the community, Leon has a recognizable presence, down-to-earth nature, and unwavering passion to help others grow. From the Netherlands, to Singapore, China, and Korea, Leon continues to prove himself as a true builder, bridging gaps and making a difference through meetups, videos, and close collaboration with the local development teams. Read more about his remarkable story with Mendix here and get ready to witness more exciting content and events as we continue this journey together!


Mendix MVP Nuno Costa

Nuno Costa, Solution Architect, Bool

Recognizing the lack of Mendix resources in the Iberia region, Nuno decided to start a local community. He has inspired countless people along their Mendix development journeys by speaking at events, giving workshops, and doing training sessions. We are excited to welcome Nuno in the program as he continues to expand the Mendix Community in Iberia.



Mendix MVP Ömer Kafaoglu

Ömer Kafaoglu, Founder, LowCodeX Consulting GmbH

Ömer and Mendix found each other during his SAP journey, and he was truly awed by the Mendix community that drove him to be “the Mendix guy”. Since then, his dedication to giving back to the community has only gotten stronger. With his vast knowledge, ambition, and an innate ability to connect with people, Ömer has played a crucial role in nurturing newcomers and welcoming them into the community. We are thrilled to have Ömer in the program, growing the Mendix Community to the next level.


Mendix MVP Peter Mudde

Peter Mudde, Co-Founder, Jump

Peter is a great public speaker, actively training and inspiring future Mendix developers through crash courses and guest lectures. With a strong background in the low-code field and commitment to innovations, Peter also has many submitted ideas to enhance the platform. We are excited to bring him closer to the Mendix product team so that together, they can unlock the platform’s full potential and inspire others to build innovative solutions.



Mendix MVP Sjoerd Beljon

Sjoerd Beljon, Co-founder, Kobeon

Knowledge is sticky – it tends to remain where it has been developed. Sjoerd makes sure that this is not the case with the Mendix Community. As an active Mendix Academy partner, he leans into his passion for sharing knowledge and empowering developers by delivering the highest quality training, mentoring, and sharing the tricks of the trade in real-world projects. We are thrilled to welcome Sjoerd into the program, as his unwavering commitment aligns perfectly with our mission to grow the community in numbers and in skills.


We are excited to work together with these new MVPs to grow the community in size as well as capabilities so they can deliver the best low-code solutions in the world.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Most Valuable Professionals!