Mendix World is an annual celebration of the work that the low-code maker community is doing. Part of that celebration is the Customer Impact Awards, where we recognize some of the most transformative low-code work being done by Mendix customers.

As reported in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms, organizations with an established multiexperience strategy will outperform competitors in customer experience. This shows the importance of building solutions that improve a customer’s interaction with a brand, whether that be through a desktop computer or a mobile phone. For this award category, we were looking for customer submissions who are putting the customer first in the digital strategy.

With that, we are pleased to announce the finalists in our Customer Experience award category. Read more about their work below, and don’t forget to register for Mendix World to find out the winners!

Customer Experience Award Finalists

In 2020 you showed us some of your best work – from helping citizens access critical financial aid to ensuring safer travel for passengers – and we want to celebrate how our customers’ businesses continue to evolve and grow. From team leaders to individual contributors, the Customer Impact Awards provide a chance to reflect on the great work you’ve been doing and show the rest of the world how you are making an impact with low-code.

The submissions for the Customer Experience award were inspiring! From integrating video chat solutions for municipality services to providing improved transparency for fleet management, our customer submissions highlighted the wide range of incredible applications that can be built with a low-code platform.

Without further ado…

Introducing the Customer Impact Awards 2021 Digital Workplace Finalists!

Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering (AgII) Helps Non-Native Speakers Understand COVID-19 Protocols

First up, the Social and Civic Integration Agency implements the integration policy within Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium. Known in Flemish as the Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering (AgII), they provide services to immigrants, asylum seekers, and other non-native residents of the region.

Governments around the world are still challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. A common obstacle for every country has been communication, particularly with residents who do not speak the native language or who are not familiar with local news outlets. Ellen Coopman, Program Manager Digitization at AgII worked with Apvine to develop an application that helps Belgian residents stay up-to-date on COVID-19 measures and vaccination procedures. Taking just 8 weeks from ideation to production, the ‘Crisis Information Translated’ application translates recommended government procedures in 18 different languages.

Crisis Information Translated is receiving high praise from healthcare professionals. Doctors, pharmacists, and vaccination coordinators have leveraged the application to help communicate with their patients. Real-time translation is enabled through API calls to Microsoft’s Azure translator, so non-native speakers no longer wait upwards of a week for translated communication.

AZL Provides Simplicity and Transparency for Managing Pension Plans

Next up is AZL, a pension administration provider based in the Netherlands. Serving more than 50 pension funds, AZL manages the pensions of over 1.5 million participants. Managing a pension plan is complex, requiring legal, actuarial, and financial knowledge. On top of that, making the right choices for a pension plan has significant consequences for retirement. Together, these challenges make pension planning significantly complex and cumbersome.

Edward Heijkers, CIO at AZL, worked with Bizzomate and leveraged Mendix to build a user-friendly planning portal that sits on top of their core systems of record, built using Oracle PL/SQL. Bizzomate advised Heijkers and his team to adopt agile as a strategy and deliver the application in just 8 weeks. The portal enables real-time insights into pension funds across multiple channels and provides advice for pension planning. To deliver the best customer experience possible, Heijkers commissioned a customer survey and involved one of the largest pension providers during the development process.

The portal that Heijkers has built is helping their users to make the best choices for their situation and utilizes the commonly used DigiID, a form of online ID that allows access to government services in the Netherlands. AZL leverages straight-through processing (STP), reducing the need for manual intervention in setting up a pension plan. This has freed up four employees from administration work, allowing them to focus more on consulting.

Rabobank IDB Delivers a Highly Rated Mobile Banking App

Finally, Rabobank IDB, an online bank serving residents in Germany and Belgium, is invested in looking for new ways of digitizing their services. Given their online-first strategy, Rabobank IDB can pass considerable savings to their customers.

Paul Kammerer, Head of Strategy & Business Development Int. Direct Banking, recognized the need for a mobile application for their customers. Great customer experiences are increasingly becoming a differentiator in banking, highlighting the importance of ‘meeting customers where they are’ – whether that be on their computer or their phone. Working with Cocomore and Finaps, Kammerer and his team built a native mobile application that enables their customers to manage their accounts from their phones, bringing features like login and transaction signing with pin codes or biometrics. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store ratings speak for themselves: a 4.8 and a 4.4 rating, respectively, is a testament to the great customer experience that Kammerer has delivered.

Congratulations to the Customer Impact Awards 2021 Digital Workplace Finalists!

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