MainPlus Achieves Business Growth Four Times Faster with Mendix

MainPlus, a service provider focusing on the management and maintenance of property and real estate, was looking to digitize their entire maintenance process, from request intake to execution, to financial handling and reporting to allow more flexibility and efficiency for employees and maintenance partners and a better, 24/7 experience for renters. Their primary goal is to service the daily maintenance of properties in a seamless fashion.

Their old process consisted of a call center that used an app called MainFlow. Tenants whose properties are managed by MainPlus would call in a repair request, and call center employees would manually work through the intake to figure out who to send and with what materials. The original version of their application was built on an inflexible software solution that was reaching a limit of 150,000 requests per year. MainPlus was attempting to grow and scale their business, but the application constraints were a significant barrier to their growth goals. In order to tackle this challenge, MainPlus began looking for a new solution.

After researching many low-code solutions, MainPlus began using the Mendix platform and worked with our trusted partner ITVisors to build the next version of their application, MainFlow 3.0.

MainFlow 3.0 Enables Automation and Scalability

This new solution supports the full process of a repair request, from intake and planning, to repair and quality control, to invoicing and reporting. The intake process that the call center employees were typically responsible for can now be self-serviced digitally by the renter or homeowner. The application enables complete customer self-service, meaning the call center can have more flexible hours and the renters and homeowners can have 24/7 access to the request center without the limit of office hours. These changes will enable MainPlus to employ fewer call center employees and provide more seamless service to renters and homeowners.

Main Flow Application Example

MainFlow 3.0 is unique in that it integrates MainFlow with the ERP-systems that maintenance companies and property management organizations use. The maintenance companies employed by MainPlus all work with MainFlow on their tablets, so it was important to organize the entire process and have each stakeholder working on the same platform. The system integrates with the entire repair process, from the renter to the property management organization to the maintenance company.

Main FLow Application Screenshot

With a low-code platform, not only was MainPlus able to develop a new app to allow them to expand their business and scale past that original limit of 150K requests per year, but they were also able to build the app in one year instead of the four years previously. This allowed them to achieve growth four times faster and gain back three years of growth as a result of this speed of development.

Low Code Application Screenshot

What’s next?

The next step for MainPlus is to expand into the UK and German markets. With this digital solution, MainPlus can onboard foreign customers in just one month. With a digital product, the language barrier is eliminated and repair requests can be easily translated and completed in all countries. As a result, MainPlus can service renters and homeowners globally with 24/7 service.