Enterprise Capabilities

The enterprise capabilities of Mendix are powered by the platform’s cloud-native and stateless architecture, which supports a variety of deployment options. Mendix emphasizes scaling and high availability, while openness and extensibility are available at all platform levels. Security is prioritized at the platform, application, and cloud operation levels so that you can develop and deploy with confidence. Mendix provides Identity and Access Management features for the introduction of new applications.

Explore the chapters below to gain a full picture of the enterprise capabilities of the Mendix Platform.

  • Architecture

    The principles of the Mendix architecture are intertwined with the Mendix value principles of speed, collaboration, and control. This part of the Evaluation Guide describes the technologies behind the platform as well as how the Mendix architecture enables scalability, performance, and high availability.

    Featured Questions:

    • What Are the Key Architectural Principles Behind the Mendix Platform?
    • What Are the Key Components of the Mendix Platform Architecture?
    • How Does the Mendix Runtime Support Twelve-Factor Cloud-Native Apps?
  • Openness & Extensibility

    \Mendix offers openness and extensibility at all levels, providing open model specifications and tools for platform extensibility. Mendix apps can be extended with reusable components as well as custom code while third-party testing services and automation servers are leveraged.

    Featured Questions:

    • How Can I Avoid Being Locked in to the Mendix Platform?
    • Where Can I Use the Openness & Extensibility the Mendix Platform Offers?
    • How Can I Extend the Functionality of the Mendix Platform?
  • Security

    As the leading HPaPaaS provider, Mendix prioritizes the security of the platform itself, the applications built on the platform, and the cloud operations that run the platform. Read on for details about organization and compliance as well as platform, application, and cloud security.

    Featured Questions:

    • How Is Information Security Organized in Mendix?
    • Which Third-Party Security Certifications & Assurance Reports Does Mendix Have?
    • How Is Application Security Defined in Mendix?
    • How Can I Administer My Company Within the Mendix Platform?
  • Fingerprint and lock

    Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Mendix has out-of-the-box IAM capabilities for ensuring the right individuals have access to the Mendix platform and apps built with Mendix. Mendix supports enterprise customers by allowing users to be authenticated with corporate identity providers (IdPs) through standard protocols.

    Featured Questions:

    • How Are Users Authenticated When Accessing My Mendix App?
    • How Can I Define User Roles for My App?
    • How Can My Mendix App Get Single Sign-On (SSO) with Third-Party Identity Management Solutions?
    • How Do I Control How Developers Can Contribute to the Development of My Mendix App?