Foundation for Digital Innovation and Transformation - Application Development

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You are at the center of our program

Mendix provides you the resources and expertise to bring together your Portfolio, People, and Process to reinvent your business at scale. Together with an extensive global partner ecosystem, and a developer community of over 60,000, our Customer Success, Support, and Expert Services teams ensure you have the resources you need to be successful.

Customer Success Manager

Every Mendix customer gets a dedicated Success Manager to help you orchestrate resources for your success. Whatever it takes for your business to win, they’ll make it happen.

Digital Execution Practice

Take your digital program from Start to Structure to Scale, using our series of best practices workshops to address key issues, such as app roadmap, talent sourcing, next-gen architecture, ideation and development process, and governance.

Mendix Academy

Get your team up to speed quickly with our online, on-site and classroom training and workshops. Build internal expertise as your program scales with our advanced training and certifications.

Expert Services

Establish your Innovation Center of Excellence, with our Expert Services team for ongoing assistance with a broad range of topics, from solution architecture to UX, app performance, and more.


Exchange ideas and best practices on a vibrant, active community with 40,000+ developers and 100+ global partners. Find all the content you need to continually sharpen your team’s competencies.


Access skilled personnel for any incidents and questions using the channel of your choice: email, telephone or online, with available 24/7 support.

Watch how a utility company is transforming into a software and data company.


  • Developed a trial app for 20% of the cost of the previous method
  • Built more apps quickly to familiarize the team with the Mendix platform, a Bimodal approach, and active Business/IT collaboration


  • Trained 400+ employees on rapid product development
  • Created multiple "App Factories", delivering 56 apps in 2016


  • Delivering a high rate of change with Mendix and a Bimodal approach - 26 releases per year, 150+ apps planned in 2017-2018
  • Experimenting with emerging technologies in ways that weren't possible with a traditional development approach