Version Control


This is the process of saving prior versions of a source code while making updates to it. You can imagine it like one of those old zoetrope cylinders with each frame as the moment in time representing the progress that you have saved from the previous version. Version control is a crucial tool when it comes to debugging or updating legacy code, especially across teams with multiple collaborators.

What is an example of Version Control?

When you document the previous version of a source code, while updating the source code to be used, that is version control.

What is the most common version control?

GitHub is the most commonly used version control repository.

What are some unique features of Version Control?

Version control ultimately creates a massive database for every source code given that all modifications to it are saved and documented.

Which is better: Git or SVN?

It depends on whether someone wishes to use a distributed version control model like Git or a centralized model like SVN.