A Convenient Customer Experience: Native Mobile Tap-and-Go Payment with Hutten Catering

With a ninety-year history, catering company Hutten provides a range of services including retail, business catering, and events. For customers in Hutten’s business catering locations, long wait times at the queue and a desire for convenience led to the creation of Hutten Tap & Pay, a native mobile application built with customer experience at the forefront. In this video, you’ll hear from Hutten BPM Manager, Kevin Renirie, and Nokavision Director of Innovation, John Peters, on:

  • the end-to-end user experience of the native mobile application, from account creation to meal payment
  • the robust set of features that the team was able to build, including tap, product scanning, payment, and loyalty rewards, all in a Mendix native mobile app
  • how the app is integrated with hardware such as infrared ESLs and Smart Cards