Lightning-Fast Native Sync for Large Data Sets

It’s official: offline-first design is here to stay. So, why not learn how to supercharge your app’s data sync for native? Mendix MVP Marcel Groeneweg will explain how to keep a massive dataset for mobile devices in sync and up-to-date at all times.
Join this Art of the Possible session to learn how you can make the data sync for native mobile lightning fast! From optimizing sync configurations to learning about batches and offsets, speeding up your database transactions and showing a progress bar for loading screens. This session is for you if you work with large sets of data!
In this Art of the Possible, learn:
  • how to optimize your sync settings for native mobile
  • retrieve large data sets in batches
  • show a progress bar while loading data
  • how to create incremental synchronization for optimal data retrieval
  • add indexes to optimize database retrieves