Every day, Mendix developers and experts take low-code development to new levels, building more powerful solutions that add ever-increasing value to their customers and employees. To recognize their achievements and start a new partnership to support development teams at customers, we’re excited to announce the latest additions to our Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program!

Together with the MVPs, we develop programs that support their teams by leveling up developers’ skills, achieving new levels of certification, helping them accelerate their app development efforts and spread awareness within the company.

8 New MVPs

Experts, leaders, evangelists, makers. That’s what describes the eight newest additions to the Mendix MVP Program. They have shown their Mendix expertise by leading development teams, making business-critical applications and spreading that success throughout their companies.

Austin McNicholas, Engineering Lead at Avertra Corp

Austin has quickly risen through the ranks of Mendix development and now leads engineering teams at Avertra to help customers achieve faster time to resolution and perform self-service billing through an all-in-one, multi-tenant application. He pivots when the situation demands it, providing continuous positive change for customers.

Bob van Heijster, Mendix Functional Specialist at Norsk Hydro

Bob is leading a team of Mendix developers at Norsk Hydro, servicing five major departments with business-critical applications. Not only does he manage the team and roadmap on a daily basis, he actively involves the whole company in the development process, so that everyone in the organization can contribute as well as build their own applications, a shining example of citizen development in action.

Ingrid Zwart-Kalkman, Functional Developer at STC-Group

Ingrid switched from traditional coding to low-code three years ago, embracing a completely new way of working. After a couple of small projects, she set up and now manages a larger and more complex application at STC-Group that consists of multiple microservices. Together with a development team in Vietnam, she built a process simulator, a highly unique and complex Mendix use case.

Kai Chiang, Principal Architect at Bain & Company

With a small development team, Kai is an expert in juggling dozens of technologies and platforms to find the best solution for Bain & Company’s users, combining the visual development and quick results of the Mendix Platform with other core systems. With his comprehensive experience and knowledge of programming languages, there’s not a language out there that holds any secrets for him.

Luan Venter, Team Lead at Aculocity

Luan has spearheaded the migration of a 20-year-old legacy application landscape to Mendix. He’s proved himself an MVP through strong leadership and domain knowledge, implementing a comprehensive governance model and unifying application standards for four company-wide Mendix apps at Aculocity.

Nour Abu Asal, Process Engineering Lead at Avertra Corp

Nour Abu Asal has almost ten years of experience in low-code and BPM platforms. When Avertra Corp shifted its vision three years ago, Nour transformed herself along with it, taking the initiative to upgrade Avertra’s products from traditional coding to Mendix, simplifying how customer experiences are built, and diving into a new world of innovation with Mendix.

Paul Eden, Senior Director of BYU Apps at Brigham Young University

Paul leads the custom software development arm of Brigham Young University’s central Office of IT. Over a period of 18 months, Paul and his team were able to consolidate the vast number of software development stacks significantly by replacing them with Mendix apps. He continues his mission to reduce 13 software development stacks to two–one of which is Mendix–and improve the user journey by shifting focus from technology to presentation and implementing business logic.

Tom van der Nagel, Team Lead development at DKH

Tom is a hands-on team lead of a small group of developers. With his team he is responsible for the in-house development of Mendix applications. With his many years of development experience and an in-depth knowledge on infrastructure, database and IT systems, Tom and his team have been delivering high quality and effective business-critical applications to support many of the key processes within the company.

Congratulations to all these makers. We’re proud to have you join the MVP program and look forward to your insights and expertise!

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