The 2023 Computable Awards: Mendix Is Nominated!

The Computable Awards, celebrating its eighteenth year, is a prestigious information computing and technology (ICT) award bestowed on companies, projects, and people who exhibit unmatched excellence in the Netherlands´ IT space.

Mendix and its partners are once again honored to be nominated across two categories. Please read about these amazing projects. We humbly ask for your vote—thank you in advance!

Government – Municipality of Rotterdam

The Computable Awards 2023 has nominated the “Participation Platform My Rotterdam” project in the Government Project category. The Municipality of Rotterdam gives citizens additional opportunities to have their voices heard thanks to a participation platform that facilitates contact between officials and citizens. In addition, officials can use various means to share municipality policies through projects to which citizens can respond. This increases participation opportunities for citizens with the platform designed for a diverse audience by providing anonymity, translation functionality, and tools for accessibility. It also gives officials more opportunities to solicit input and feedback from citizens.

Developers from various parties, including IT Consultancy Goodzo and the Municipality of Rotterdam development team, built the platform, which also involved close collaboration with residents. The flexibility of the Mendix platform enabled the municipality to stay close to the wishes of residents and policymakers, while the scalability ensured that continuous innovation could be achieved as the number of users and their wishes increased.

The platform has been in use for about a year. Over 100,000 residents have used it during that time, and 304 officials have posted 229 projects. In addition, 330 resident initiatives have been submitted, and neighborhood councils in 36 neighborhoods have used My Rotterdam to gather input for their neighborhood agreement. The goal is an annual 5 percent increase in users. The most important result is that target groups less inclined to attend residents’ meetings can still use My Rotterdam to think and decide about what is happening in their city and neighborhood. Ongoing UX tests among residents and user tests among civil servants are being conducted to ensure that the platform meets users’ needs in the best possible way.

SME – Van Schie

Getting rid of paper in the workplace is the ambition of Van Schie. The organization is digitizing its processes with the use of mobile applications. These apps are developed through the agile method by Axians using the low-code technology of Mendix. For example, the Inspection App helps ease the damage inspection process. Colleagues can do their work more easily, and all processes are well-defined, so customer contact is also better. For the Computable Awards 2023 jury, that’s the reason to nominate the “Inspection App” project in the SME project category.

Van Schie has been active in ground, road, and hydraulic engineering for over sixty years. The Inspection App deploys colleagues for damage inspections when returning rental products. It is crucial for Van Schie to prove who is responsible for any damage that may have occurred. Not being able to prove that a customer made the damage can lead to uncertainty, hassle, and high costs. It’s a problem that does not make either the customer or employees happy.

With the Inspection App, Van Schie digitizes and optimizes this inspection process, making it easier for the company to prove that damage was actually made by the tenant in question. The app records all relevant information for each rental order, such as customer information, an article overview, and past damage inspections. The benefit of the Inspection App is that with a few button presses, Van Schie can create a report for each customer that shows whether damage has been done. This ensures transparency and better contact with the customer.

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Voting for the Computable Awards is open now and closes on October 5th. Just a few weeks later, on October 30th, Computable will announce the winners at their award show. So cast your vote, and best of luck to the nominees!