DevOps Overview

How Does Mendix Support DevOps?

The Mendix Platform enables development teams to embrace the DevOps way of working. This means that a single team can both develop applications and maintain and support those apps in production while adhering to enterprise requirements (for compliancy or high availability, for example).

With one-click deployment and out-of-the-box monitoring for all apps, the Mendix Platform provides the basis for development teams to adopt DevOps practices. In addition, the Mendix Platform APIs enable development teams to complement the capabilities of the Mendix Platform with their third-party DevOps tools of choice.

Through the same APIs, teams can implement CI/CD pipelines on top of the Mendix Platform to fully automate their DevOps processes, including the build, test, and release steps. Documentation and reference implementations for the most commonly used tools are available (for details, see Can I Use My Own DevOps Tools with Mendix? below).

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Which DevOps Tools Does Mendix Provide Out of the Box?

Many tools and services considered standard for DevOps are either available out of the box with Mendix or are fully automated in the platform. For example, during the Model phase, app model consistency checking is done continuously while you are building your app model. And in the Deploy phase, the staging, configuration, and deployment of an app to a particular environment (for example, acceptance or production) is only a matter of clicks in the Mendix Developer Portal.

DevOps Cycle

Can I Use My Own DevOps Tools with Mendix?

Development teams that like to use third-party tools for certain tasks can integrate those with the Mendix Platform through the Mendix Platform APIs. For example, continuous integration services like Visual Studio Team ServicesJenkins, or GitLab-CI can be easily configured as CI pipeline orchestrators on top of the Mendix Platform.

You can use application performance management services like DatadogNew Relic, and AppDynamics to monitor and manage the performance of Mendix apps.

For more details, see CI/CD and Monitoring Solutions & Alerts.