Empower your Field Service Technicians with Mendix FSM

Mendix FSM is an adaptive app suite which consists of templates providing you with a kickstart to shorten time to value.

You'll be in good company

How Mendix FSM boosts technician productivity and decreases unplanned downtime

Remove all inefficient paper-based processes

Technicians and engineers equipped with a Mendix FSM app won’t spend hours a week hunting for job information files, manuals, specifications, work histories, or other documentation. Everything is provided digitally, all linked to the work order.

Make data input quick and easy

Your field teams won’t need to type job reports into multiple systems or take notes on paper and transcribe them later. Mendix FSM offers a single frontend that also integrates with your existing systems like ERP. Your technicians enter information just once for everything to be updated.

Shift to data-driven maintenance

Mendix FSM can onboard multi-sourced data, including asset performance from RFID sensors. You could move your team from fixed-schedules to data-driven, predictive maintenance work based on a mix of data, algorithms, and the manufacturer’s recommended servicing frequencies.

Give every technician their own digital job-pack for the day

A personalized dashboard allows technicians to view their day’s tickets, all accurately assigned to them based on variables like their location, experience, knowledge, skills, and certifications. Approaching the job, Mendix FSM automatically serves up the information they’ll need for the task.

Access information anywhere, anytime

Field service engineers aren’t always able to connect to wifi or mobile data on arrival at a job. With Mendix FSM, that’s no longer an issue. All the relevant data will have been downloaded automatically to their mobile device earlier, so everything is accessible when onsite, even when offline in a signal black spot.

Provide high-quality, trusted information

Mendix FSM provides your organization with a single, definitive information repository. No more hunting for documents. No more confusion over which version is current or approved. As engineers enter information directly, rather than on paper, there’ll be no data transcription errors, either.


  • Asset Management

    Register and manage assets. Note relevant tools and spare parts to help your  technicians prepare for and execute jobs effectively.

  • Work Order Execution

    Allows a mobile maintenance technician to accept work orders and then automatically receive all the information needed to successfully execute the jobs.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Track asset health in real time. Manage asset performance and create work order service jobs like maintenance, repairs, and other operations.

  • Field Service Scheduling

    Automatically assign and schedule work orders with technicians based on their skills, availability, location and commute time, or other criteria.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Drawing on output data from asset-linked IoT systems, automatically generate work orders and route them to an appropriate technician.

  • Service Portal

    Enable both internal and external customers of your FSM services to create their own asset service requests. Customers can also track and trace work order progress, view invoices, agreements and asset information.