Predictive Maintenance

Drawing on output data from asset-linked IoT systems, predict outages, automatically generate work orders and route them to an appropriate technician.

Service assets just in time to cut costs and downtime

It’s common practice to service assets to a specific schedule, such as monthly, quarterly, annually. However, an underutilized asset may need less frequent maintenance, while a heavily used asset might best be inspected more often.

Preventive maintenance

This template for data-driven preventive maintenance enables you to predict when assets need attention, before they break down. It saves you time, money, and customer reputation.

Data collected from across the FSM suite of templates and from asset-linked IoT systems, is made available for analysis. The predictive data-driven maintenance template can automatically judge dates for optimal servicing based on asset usage and identify from the data whether an early inspection might be wise. It can generate work processes and can alert service managers to predicted outages. If you require, it will automatically create a work order which can be routed right on time to the most suitable technician available. The template cuts your costs and reduces unplanned downtime.

The template offers a user-friendly dashboard and can also connect via web services to any application.

Key values of the Predictive Maintenance template

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    Optimize maintenance

    Maintain assets when it’s necessary and cost-effective, without loss of performance.

  • Just-In-Time-Information

    Present the right information at the right time to the right people and applications.

  • Minimize reliance

    Reduce reliance on routine-based maintenance.

  • Reduce downtime

    Minimize asset downtime and improve production.

  • Reduce costs

    Decrease asset total cost of ownership.

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