Service & Maintenance Management Solution | Combine PLM with Asset Management

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Enhanced analytics, cognitive insights and better decisions on your shop floor.

  • Supervisors and managers can use the dashboard to draw insights on the efficiency of their workforce. Users can customize the dashboard to fit their needs as well.

  • Access to the BOM from the Teamcenter provides the accurate, contextual guidance engineers need, when then they need it.

  • Mobile connectivity to the IOT devices through your platform of choice provides up-to-the-minute analytics and insights on the performance and thresholds of your assets. Bluetooth failback maintains functionality in areas of low signal coverage.

  • Supervisors can track the progress of maintenance incidents in real-time and are able to prioritize task assignments and orders when needed.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Offline Mobile

    Offline-first capabilities that enable your technicians to work from one system, everywhere.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real-time integrations with leading enterprise software platforms help you realize operation excellence.

  • IoT Connectivity

    Connect and stream data from any IoT device through MindSphere, Azure IoT, AWS or IBM Bluemix, and others.

  • 3D Visualization

    Enable closed-loop feedback for the digital twin with a 3D visualization of assets surfaced inside the application.

  • Digital Thread

    Connect to the digital twin, IoT, and any other data source. Feed back information to any PL or external system.

  • AR Assisted

    Use AR-assisted field services execution to increase the amount of work your team can get through in a day.


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