Low-code. High impact.

The future of apps is developing fast. Don’t just get up to speed, bolt ahead of the pack.

Raise Your Low-code Expectations

Mendix low-code application development platform leads the market in rapidly building, deploying, and operating enterprise-grade applications. The platform breaks business-IT silos to foster seamless collaboration and give companies unprecedented time-to-value.

  • What is Low-Code?

    Low-code is a visual approach to software development. Low-code abstracts and automates every step of the application lifecycle to enable rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions. It breaks the traditional silos of business and IT to promote continuous collaboration.

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  • Low Code Value Handbook

    Great software solutions create immense value for the business. They can help organizations drive new revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, mitigate risks, cut costs, and more. But constantly delivering impactful solutions is hard.

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  • Evaluating Platforms

    IT leaders need to re-imagine the way they deliver business outcome through software. This means collaborating closely with business and leveraging technology like low-code. But, with more than 300 vendors, how do you pick the right low-code platform?

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  • Low-code Use Cases

    What can you or your team really build with low-code? Simply answered, a whole lot. From online portals for digitizing customer interactions to process improvement apps to new core systems development — here’s a glimpse of low-code use cases.

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