Understanding (PaaS) Platform as a Service Providers

Platform as a service (PaaS) providers facilitate application delivery through cloud services that reduce the cost and complexity of managing the underlying hardware, software, or provisioning components. Many providers focus on improving a section within the development stack, such as development or deployment.

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While these vendors provide some efficiency gains, teams in need of rapid application delivery are better off with a platform as a service provider offering services across the entire application delivery cycle.

Mendix as a leader among platform as a service providers

A platform as a service (PaaS) abstracts away from technical infrastructure components in favor of a more application-centric approach. These services are meant to speed application delivery and remove a variety of technical complexities. However, there are nuances within the platform as a service layer. For example, some PaaS providers focus only on one aspect of the application delivery process or fail to offer the right level of abstraction to boost productivity.

Top providers, like Mendix, offer a variety of abstraction services to enable rapid application development and delivery. Mendix’s signature visual modeling and business logic workflows empower rapid developers across business and technical teams. The platform also offers pre-built templates and widgets, one-click cloud deployment, and cloud-based app management functionality to further remove complexities of development and speed the delivery of custom applications.

By supporting speed and agility across the entire application lifecycle, Mendix users reap a host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced time to market by condensing project duration by 50%
  • Increased staff productivity by reducing development effort by 70%
  • Enhanced IT resourcing across more projects with teams that are 60% smaller
  • Improved business-IT collaboration that produces higher quality applications
  • Heightened recognition across the business for technology-driven business success

Find out why Mendix is a leader among platform as a service providers. Learn more about Mendix.

Accelerate application delivery

Platform as a service providers vary in their level of abstraction capabilities. For example, some solutions simplify how you generate code within the cloud or how you deploy an app within in the cloud. These approaches offer some efficiency gains, but do not address all of the challenges associated with code-based development.

To increase speed and agility across the entire application lifecycle, look for a platform as a service provider that abstracts away from traditional coding languages. These model-driven solutions, also known as high-productivity application platform as a service (aPaaS) solutions, unite a host of abstraction services all within one seamless setting. These services include:

  • A new way of building applications (through visual, model-driven development)
  • Metadata based runtimes that interpret models rather than generating code
  • One-click, automated deployment (to any public, private or hybrid cloud)
  • A complete technology stack (scalable and cost effective)
  • Pre-built, reusable content from an community ecosystem (public and private app stores)
  • An engaging platform accessible to all project stakeholders (project management, social collaboration, closed-loop feedback mechanisms)

Aggregating these components within one platform leads to a lean, highly efficient development team.

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