Optimize Your Production Process with Workflow

When Henry Ford created the first-ever moving assembly line in 1913 he automated a handful of crucial processes. Modern production often relies hundreds of processes that all need to work in tandem. With more processes comes more complexity, and stitching together hundreds of systems to create a coherent and orderly system can easily become unmanageable. In this live build, Timeseries wizards Maarten Bongers and Willem van Zantvoort use Studio Pro 9’s Workflow editor to optimize a production process.
Join this live build to learn how you can make a production workflow process by developing along with Maarten and Willem as they build an approval flow using the Workflow Commons module, extend the workflow functionality using microflows, integrate it with external applications and more. Make sure you download the project files so you can develop along during the session or add your own features and make it your own!
In this live build, learn how you can:
  • Build an approval workflow
  • Use the Workflow Commons module to simplify task management
  • Extend workflow functionality using microflows
  • Configure a parallel split run multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Integrate workflow with external applications