• To keep selected or not to keep selected: that is the preference
    Today we want to highlight a feature that has a bit of history: "Keep active document selected in project explorer.
  • Use Case Corner: Life Science Compliance
    Legal departments quickly realize the ticking time bomb they need to diffuse when millions of dollars are at risk, and regulatory compliance is one area where Mendix can literally save millions and cost next to nothing.
  • Errors with multiple locations
    One of the advantages of having a visual model and no source code is that there is less room for errors. There is no need to match braces or add forgotten semi-colons while drawing your microflow.
  • Version Control without Source Code
    Most software is defined in source code. Not so with Mendix. The most important part of every Mendix project is its model, which contains the domain model definition, forms, and business logic for a Mendix application.
  • Mendix 3.2.0 has been released
    We are proud to announce that version 3.2.0 of the Mendix technology has been released. It contains about seventy fixes and almost twenty improvements. There are small improvements like being able to sort the items shown in a reference selector and a drop-down search field.
  • Mendix as an Agile Change Layer for Reinsurance Companies
    The reinsurance business involves extremely complex, logic-driven processes that are facilitated mainly by software applications. These applications provide an opportunity for reinsurance companies to differentiate themselves.
  • Feedback For All: feedback button works on any website
    We've been advocating the Mendix feedback loop heavily ever since the release of Mendix 3.0 in 2011.
  • Mendix 3.1 Released: Your feedback has been accepted.
    Mendix 3.1 has been released today.
  • Version Control Or Revision Control
    Version control is sometimes called revision control and in some ways that is a better name. Of course, version control helps you deal with managing versions of your applications but, more than that, it helps you deal with changes to the project.
  • New in Mendix 3.0: Application performance under a microscope: monitoring alerts
    One of the common misconceptions about "going cloud" is that you lose control of your applications. With the launch of the Mendix 3.0 and the Enterprise Cloud Platform, we put to this to a hold with extensive monitoring options, we've already showed how you can manage your app jungle in the cloud with our transport worklow. Now it's time to zoom in on monitoring your app performance in the Mendix Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • New in Mendix 3.0: 7 Steps to Better Feedback, Faster
    One of the key elements of business agility and meeting complex business demands is the ability to respond to change. That's where our new feedback mechanism comes in: collaboration between business and IT. Let's break it down into 7 steps:
  • New in Mendix 3.0: Version Control
    Version control is one of the more exciting features available in version 3.0 of the Mendix App Platform.