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Welcome to Mendix

Welcome to the Mendix Platform Evaluation Guide. In this chapter, we will present the essence of Mendix, including background details on why we founded the company and what the Mendix vision is.

We recommend first watching this video of our Chief Technology Officer, Johan den Haan:

Why Was Mendix Founded?

Mendix was founded based on the belief that software development could only be significantly improved if there was a paradigm shift, which meant bringing the Business and IT much closer to together.

Read more of the story of Mendix in Why Was Mendix Founded?.

What Is the Vision Behind Mendix?

Our vision in a world where software is the lifeblood of every company is to empower people with diverse skills and backgrounds to collaborate successfully and create better software that delivers true business value faster and at significantly lower costs.

The Mendix Platform brings together the people with ideas and the people that have the technical aptitude to execute on them to create a powerful force for change. We believe this is absolutely necessary to compete and survive in a software-driven world.

For more information, see What Is the Vision Behind Mendix?.

What Is Mendix?

The Mendix Platform is designed to accelerate enterprise app delivery across your entire application development lifecycle, from ideation to development, deployment, and the ongoing management of your application portfolio in the cloud or on premises.

Mendix offers both no code (visual-modelling) and low code (highly extensible, integrated tooling to support cross-functional teams working collaboratively). Business-domain experts such as analysts and citizen developers can work alongside expert developers to achieve much greater levels of business agility and consequently accelerated delivery, while the platform’s cloud-native architecture and automation tools support the deployment, management, and monitoring of highly-available enterprise-grade applications.

Based around our three core principles of speedcollaboration, and control, Mendix offers a complete platform for your enterprise application delivery needs.

For details, see What Is Mendix?.