Innovation in Manufacturing - Examples & Testimonials

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Facing the digital challenge

The digital age presents both threats and opportunities — profit margins are thin and customers demand more sophisticated products and better service. Finding themselves bogged down with legacy systems and traditional processes that hamper innovation and agility, manufacturers are now racing to transform every link in the value chain, from R&D, supply chain, and factory operations to marketing, sales, and service. Mendix helps them leverage new technologies like IoT, machine learning and cognitive services to drive profits and growth.

Accelerate time-to-value with Mendix

Leading manufacturers use Mendix to quickly build and continuously improve mobile and web apps that digitize the value chain. Our platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains control.

Bring business and IT together to rapidly deliver applications that:

Grow revenue

Launch connected products that differentiate your business

Improve customer loyalty

Deliver self-service portals in less than 90 days

Drive operational efficiency

Automate workflows across the entire value chain

Leverage new technology

Test new ideas leveraging machine learning, AI and IoT

Digital product delivery

Deliver new products in record time

Manufacturers have a great opportunity to increase revenue and margins by leveraging real-time sensor and asset data to create connected products and digitally enabled services. Using Mendix, you can bring new propositions to market in just weeks, fast-tracking product innovation. Test innovative ideas that leverage IoT, analytics and other emerging technologies. Integrate seamlessly with any existing system, service or data source.

Customer engagement

Deliver new portals faster than ever

Using Mendix, you can rapidly deliver multi-channel applications to support your marketing, sales and customer service processes. Empower customers with self-service portals that reduce costs and improve loyalty. Provide a seamless experience across web, mobile, conversational UI and whatever comes next. Experiment with AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and other technologies to deliver automated, personalized customer interactions.

Operational efficiency

Drive operational efficiency

With Mendix’s low-code development platform, manufacturers can drive operational efficiency by rapidly re-engineering processes to deliver better outcomes across the entire value chain, from R&D, supply chain, and factory operations to marketing, sales, and service.

Integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems using our out-of-the-box connectors and Connector Kit for defining custom integrations. Easily and continuously adapt your applications to keep pace with changing business and market requirements.

  • Improve product quality with applications to support R&D processes, such as product testing and feedback management

  • Drive efficiency and lower costs by streamlining workflows throughout the supply chain

  • Automate sales processes, such as order management and contract management, to improve rep productivity