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Posts by Rob Llewellyn

Posts by Rob Llewellyn

  • Doing Away with Digital Silos for Successful Digital Transformation

    Siloed projects and programs are nothing new, and almost every seasoned delivery manager will have fought through the consequences of silos. Learn the five ways to help wipe out the silo effect and optimize transformation success from top digital transformation influencer, Rob Llewellyn.

  • Navigating Digital Transformation Icebergs

    Rob Llewellyn explains how digital leaders need to approach digital transformation holistically. He uses the Digital Transformation Iceberg analogy to illustrate how the conscious mind of digital leaders should be focused on far more than the tip of the digital iceberg. The alternative might be likened to the disaster that struck the Titanic in 1912.

  • How Insurers Can Equip Themselves for Their Digital Transformation

    Discover two questions to ask yourself in order to successfully launch, manage and govern your digital transformation.