Mendix a Low-Code Leader: 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Low-code continues its upward trend. In 2019, it was welcomed with open arms into the enterprise. In 2020, its use case began to broaden. In their 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms report, Gartner projects that the low-code application development platform space is expected to reach $29 billion in revenue in just 4 years. Rapid, widespread adoption and usage of low-code platforms have been driven by three major trends, all of that relates to your organization’s journey through digital transformation: democratization, hyperautomation, and the composable business.

It’s our belief that, alongside change management, your application development function is the foundation of digital transformation. Arming your entire business (not just developers) with the means to create software while leveraging other tools and services to automate and digitalize your products and processes is the key to building a better more digital future for your company. Choosing the right low-code application platform to help you succeed at that is—and I’m not overstating this—absolutely vital.

The right low-code development platform lets you accelerate software development and democratize it, resulting in your entire organization delivering custom, enterprise-ready applications and modernizing business-critical software and processes. To help you choose, here’s the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, where Mendix is named a Leader and placed furthest for Completeness of Vision by Gartner for the third year in a row.

The Problems You Can Solve with Low-code

As per our understanding, for the LCAP Magic Quadrant, Gartner measures low-code vendors on three key use cases. The first is how well a low-code platform lets you build custom business applications.

Which bears the question, how do you define a custom business application?

These are enterprise-ready applications with rich user experiences oftentimes complex integrations that require robust monitoring and the ability to handle large transaction volumes. This includes critical apps your business runs on, apps that you made need to modernize, or even multi-sourced applications coming from a multitude of data sources and cloud services.

Another kind of custom business application leads to the second use case Gartner uses to evaluate vendors: Business Workflow Automation. Automating the tasks performed by humans or multiple application systems is imperative in today’s business world. You want to be sure that your low-code platform gives you the ability to infuse business process logic into your applications to handle complex, long-running processes or document-oriented processes. According to Gartner, 13% of business technologists (employees who report outside of IT but are creating technology and analytics capabilities), indicate low-code development tools are among the most important to support their automation initiatives over the next year.

The solutions you build with low-code all depend on the people making them. The ability to enable users across IT, business units, or in Fusion teams to construct solutions to everyday business problems is another use case by which Gartner measures low-code vendors. A low-code platform with tools like AI assistance, drag-and-drop visual development, integration, and robust governance, helps you enable your entire organization to start building the apps you need.

Every tool you need

When it comes to building the applications you need to support your company’s digital transformation strategy, Mendix takes an all-in-one approach.

Collaborative application development is one of the pillars of Mendix. The Mendix Platform is a unique developer experience in that it has dual skill-based IDEs that provide a continuous experience across the entire software development lifecycle. Developers of all skillsets are supported by Mendix Assist. With our AI-assisted development tool, the platform offers up recommendations to fix anti-patterns or implement best low-code development practices.

Collaboration requires guardrails. This is why the Mendix Platform offers built-in governance tooling to make sure that as you democratize software development, everyone is building applications that meet your company’s compliance and regulations standards. There’s our unique version control and conflict resolution functionality. There’s also Control Center, which gives you insight and controls over your Mendix apps, their performance, their usage, and the team members who built them.

Creating modern custom applications means making them work no matter where your users are. There’s no greater example of this than mobile. Mendix is the only low-code platform that supports a best-of-breed approach to mobile with Native mobile and progressive web application support via one design language.

Digital transformation also relies on moving to the cloud, often many clouds depending on the needs of the organization. All Mendix applications are cloud-native, by default. We provide complete cloud freedom, meaning that you can use a Mendix cloud, SAP cloud, a virtual private cloud, or your own dedicated cloud. What this offers is complete cloud portability and operational simplicity so you can deploy your solutions more easily.

Part of accelerating development is hastening and simplifying the data integration process. Finding the right data, understanding its sources and rights, and scouring through multiple data sources and ensuring data integrity is very time-consuming. With Mendix’s Data Hub, we take the low-code principles we’ve applied to development and applied them to integration. Data Hub enables developers of all skillsets to discover, understand, and activate the data they need across their entire data landscape.

Finally, The Mendix Platform offers Mendix Workflow, a workflow modeler that lets developers model and execute simple and complex business processes.

A Leader in Low-Code (Again)

We believe that it’s our all-in-one approach to application development that gives you the advantage you need to renovate your application development approach and fast-track your digital transformation strategy. We also believe it’s for this reason that Gartner has named us a Leader in low-code and placed us furthest among all vendors for Completeness of Vision.

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