Mendix for Private Cloud

A Kubernetes-based private cloud controlled by the enterprise

Control and isolate your data
with Mendix for Private Cloud

Host with your preferred cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or OpenShift) or on-premise data center; simplify operations with centralized management and robust out-of-the-box resources; and scale in any way your enterprise demands.

Maintain the high-test levels of security, privacy, and control while complying with commercial or regulatory requirements. Mendix for Private Cloud is an isolated, Kubernetes-based cloud environment that offers enterprises full control over operations, management, and deployment.

Key capabilities of Mendix for Private Cloud

Tailor your cloud to your enterprise needs. With Mendix for Private Cloud, your DevOps team
is in full control of operations, management, and deployment.

  • Managed by your team

    Your DevOps team has complete control over application deployment and the application lifecycle.

  • High availability out of the box

    High availability for regions across the globe can be configured in a simple, self-service manner.

  • Cloud agnostic

    Host with your chosen cloud provider or your on-premise data center.

  • One-click deployment

    Easily deploy Mendix applications to any Kubernetes cluster running in a (virtual) private cloud or on-premises.

  • Kubernetes-based

    Mendix for Private Cloud is the only low-code platform that supports the full application lifecycle on Kubernetes.

  • Centralized management

    Keep up to date with patches, monitor logs, and schedule events all in one place.

Private cloud architecture built for enterprises

With Mendix for Private Cloud, DevOps teams can deliver solutions faster and breeze through the development backlog on trusted, cutting-edge infrastructure.


  • Simplify application and data lifecycle management with the Mendix Operator
  • Securely connect to a low-code development toolset with the Mendix Gateway
  • Achieve observability with open logging compatible with Elasticsearch and Kibana with monitoring with OpenMetrics and Prometheus

Take control of your cloud destiny

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