Design Thinking Process for Application Development

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Mendix uniquely enables a design thinking approach to app development. The platform allows your teams to keep user needs front and center throughout the entire design and development process, enabling a test-and-learn approach and constant iteration toward optimal outcomes.

Uncover the right problems to solve

The problems your development team is trying to solve are rarely their own. That’s why empathy is such a crucial first step of the design thinking process. Your team must develop a deep understanding of an app’s intended users, their behaviors, and their motivations, uncovering insights that help refine the fundamental problem to solve.



Gather information on your users



Turn user information into insights



Generate ideas based on insights



Try out your ideas

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Get feedback and iterate

Learn how the design thinking principle of empathy creates value for users and businesses.

Rapidly Ideate and Experiment

Drawing upon the deep user understanding cultivated during the empathy stage, cross-functional teams can use Mendix to rapidly ideate and iterate on new app designs, going wide in search of more creative and impactful solutions to users’ problems.

  • Empower domain experts to bring ideas to life by quickly building functional prototypes using the Web Modeler’s WYSIWYG development environment
  • Quickly assemble and modify screens, pulling from a variety of reusable UI elements available in the Atlas UI Framework
  • Preview apps live as they’re constructed, allowing developers to sit with end users, gather feedback, and make rapid iterations
Rapidly Ideate and Experiment
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Keep user needs front and center

The Mendix low-code platform helps your teams focus on users throughout the entire design and development process, allowing them to deliver apps that satisfy both user needs and business objectives.

  • Enable active involvement of business users across the complete application lifecycle with an integrated collaboration portal
  • Share working prototypes or MVPs instantly with users to begin collecting and iterating based on real-world feedback
  • Continually gather insights with a built-in feedback loop that’s integrated into the development environment

Move seamlessly from prototype to production

Instead of throwaway mockups, Mendix allows your teams to create working prototypes that evolve seamlessly to production apps, saving significant time and effort.

  • Extend prototypes with complex logic and integrations with the Desktop Modeler, promoting collaboration through a shared visual language
  • Iteratively develop solutions with built-in tools for managing agile projects (user stories, sprints, and backlogs)
  • Quickly deploy and scale successful apps, leveraging out-of-the-box high availability and failover for Web-scale operations
Move seamlessly from prototype to production
Promote consistency and reuse

Promote consistency and reuse

Using Atlas UI, your UX resources can define an enterprise design language for developers to leverage within their apps, promoting consistency and reuse across your app portfolio.

  • Create an enterprise design language containing your brand’s theme and a customized set of page templates, building blocks, and widgets
  • Package custom UI elements into a branded starter app and distribute via Mendix’s private App Store to kick-start development
  • Empower developers without UI design skills to deliver great UX leveraging reusable UI elements based on best practices
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