3 Apps That Keep On Giving

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3 Apps That Keep On Giving

/ December 22, 2010

‘Tis the season to think about giving – why not give the gift of business agility? Here are three applications that have outstanding return-on-investments. Happy Holidays…

1. Single View of Customer

What if you could see all of the data about a specific customer in one convenient dashboard view? No more signing into multiple systems to gather the customer’s data manually. With a ‘Single View of Customer Portal‘ you can organize data from source systems so that your systems work for the people in your organization – not the other way around.

Renew Value in Source Systems

Many organizations are forced to deal with multiple source systems that do not easily integrate. This can lead to underutilized technology and the high cost and human error that come with it. By giving employees an easy-to-use single view of a customers, they will get the most out of data provided by source systems.

With a simple web portal, you can access just the information that you need regarding a specific customer from any web browser. Pool your information resources together to make them work for you. Your CRM, ERP, and billing software can all be a part of a user friendly web app. Best of all, it will be customized to your organization’s needs, and extremely easy to expand.

Simply put, agile development platforms like Mendix make small IT departments work like big ones. You can make the changes your business and your industry require, without large upfront investments. Manage data from multiple sources through your browser in an easy-to-configure web application

2. Spreadsheet and Database Migration

While spreadsheets and databases can be extremely useful, it’s easy for organizations to find themselves unable to manage tons of Microsoft Excel files and Microsoft Access Databases. Data stored in this manner can be difficult to maintain because it is not integrated with source systems, and is all too often controlled using clunky macros. Mendix makes it easy to migrate data from spreadsheets and Access databases to an online environment that can be managed quickly and easily.

  • Keep your data in one centralized location in a user friendly online application.
  • Add logic and workflows to automate manual processes.
  • Allow multiple users access to a web application – no more email attachments!
  • Manage the application with administrative user permissions.
  • Integrate with source systems for up-to-date, dynamic data.
  • Scalable applications mean high data volumes won’t diminish performance.

3. Flexible Front End Solutions

Front end solutions are an extremely important part of your organization’s information technology. An intuitive and easy to use interface can change the way people use software, and in doing so, change the way they do business. These interfaces become even more important when they are used to integrate multiple source systems into a single view.

By giving employees an easy to use front end system, they will get the most out of data. Legacy systems don’t have to stop providing value for your organization. Older technology can be revived with a flexible front end system, increasing ROI on an investment made years ago. Data collected in disparate systems can be managed and interpreted easily in a front end system.

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