How Low-Code Power is Changing Manufacturing

Manufacturing is evolving, and low-code development is at the heart of this transformation. Once complex, the manufacturing process now stands on the brink of significant change. Low-code development is not just a trend, it’s a revolution that’s reshaping how businesses operate and succeed.

Dive into the transformational potential of low-code in manufacturing. Join us for an exclusive video discussion with low-code experts from Emixa and Mendix.

Our panel features industry experts such as Erik Burghoorn, CCO of Emixa, Bas van der Horst, Managing Director of Appronto, Sebastian Bersch, Director of Manufacturing Cloud at Mendix, and Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix.

The strategic partnership of Emixa and Mendix offers a roadmap to a future of unparalleled efficiency and agility in discrete manufacturing through the power of low-code software development. In this video, experts on digital transformation from Emixa, Appronto, and Mendix discuss the profound impact of low-code on the manufacturing industry.

One key highlight is Emixa’s “Manufacturing Menu,” designed by Appronto, a twice-awarded Mendix Partner of the Year for 2021 and 2022. This initiative aims to modernize and future-proof the manufacturing industry.

Addressing Industry Challenges

“The manufacturing industry faces challenges such as complex supply chains, production processes, and customized production needs. We’re offering adaptable solutions for these ever-changing dynamics,” adds Bas van der Horst.

It offers critical solutions to help modern production companies optimize their business processes. This toolkit leverages proven Mendix-built apps to act as a foundation for future solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Menu is designed to meet the industry’s unique demands. These range from sustainability and environmental-friendly production to digital supply chain improvement and product customization.

The Value of Ecosystems and the Role of Emixa

Mendix leads the low-code arena and fosters a collaborative environment. This environment amplifies the strengths of partners, domain expertise, and innovation.

Our video discussion focuses on the importance of a strong ecosystem for advancing low-code development. Emixa stands as a prime example of this collaborative spirit. It’s a consortium that includes companies like Appronto, cards PLM Solutions, Dimensys Process & IT Consulting, Magnus Digital, and OnePLM Limited.

These companies specialize in digital transformation services. Together, they leverage technologies like Siemens, SAP, and Mendix to offer integrated solutions. Solutions that accelerate digital transformation, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

Revving Up Efficiency in Discrete Manufacturing with Low-Code

Low-code development addresses two key challenges:

  1. The rising demand for applications
  2. The limited availability of development talent

In doing so, it acts as a bridge between business and IT, speeding up the delivery of high-quality software.

For the manufacturing industry, where time-to-market and complex processes are crucial, low-code is a game-changer. It offers ways to streamline production, optimize supply chains, improve logistics, and ultimately, boost customer satisfaction.

Harnessing Low-Code for Digital Transformation

Low-code is not just about speed and efficiency. It also allows for customizable, effective solutions through composability.

Take Emixa’s Manufacturing Menu as an example. This suite offers industry-specific templates and solutions. Some of the standout components include:

  • Collaboration Portal: This unites key processes to speed up collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Supply Risk Management: This app merges PLM, ERP, and external data to quickly identify and deal with supply risks, like those arising from natural disasters.
  • PLM, ERP and LAB Connect: A Mendix app that integrates data across Siemens’ PLM, ERP, and LAB solutions.

These innovative elements show the breadth and adaptability of the ‘Manufacturing Menu.’ Alongside the start-structure-scale, Emixa offers a clear path for your organization’s digital transformation journey.

This blog is just a sneak peek. The video discussion dives deeper into the transformative power of low-code in manufacturing.

Get ready to explore the future of manufacturing with us! Learn how Mendix and Emixa’s groundbreaking approaches could revolutionize your manufacturing processes. Watch the full video here!

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