Mendix on the Road – Meet us at Cloud Foundry Summit

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Mendix on the Road – Meet us at Cloud Foundry Summit

/ April 10, 2018
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In just over a week, Mendix will help welcome thousands of experts to Boston for the annual Cloud Foundry Summit and we couldn’t be more excited!

Mendix is a member of the Cloud Foundry initiative and makes use of the open source platform to deliver enterprise-class scalability and application resilience while keeping deployment flexibility. The Mendix R&D team actively contributes to the Cloud Foundry project, benefiting the community, as a whole.

The Mendix Cloud is our public cloud service and the default deployment option for Mendix applications. Cloud-Foundry-based, and running globally on AWS, Mendix is the only Low-Code Platform that offers customers out-of-the-box application resilience and scalability.

The stateless architecture of the Mendix Platform matches perfectly with the container and resource management services in Cloud Foundry. Mendix can be deployed to any Cloud Foundry environment, including IBM Cloud, Pivotal, and SAP.

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We’re proud to be a Silver Sponsor at Cloud Foundry Summit! You’ll have a chance to meet the team during the following activities:

  • At the Mendix Booth #302: See our team demo a Claims Portal application, one of a suite of digital insurance apps that allows claimants to report first notification of loss of insured personal property.
  • During our Keynote, Building Dynamic Apps at Scale in Your Cloud Foundry EnvironmentOn April 18 at 4:20 pm, our CTO, Johan den Haan will be joined by our Chief Evangelist, Nick Ford, to present how utilizing the right low-code platform on top of Cloud Foundry will enable users will better serve their businesses and quickly grow the number of apps on Cloud Foundry.
  • During our feature on theCube: Watch live or follow along with Mendix CTO, Johan den Haan as he talks about what low-code means for the Cloud Foundry community on theCube on April 19 at 12:00 pm.

Follow and talk to the team at Cloud Foundry Summit on social media: #CFSummit

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