How the Renewed App Store Enables You and the Community

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How the Renewed App Store Enables You and the Community

How the Renewed App Store Enables You and the Community by Roeland Salij

Did you know that our community downloaded more than 3500 items from the App Store in the past year? How about our community uploading those 50 new or updated items every month? Well, with the new App Store release, we provide even more insight into the content that’s being uploaded every day. We give more recognition to those developers who provide the community with all kinds of awesome extensions to the Mendix platform. Every day, more and more developers display their experience and skills on their Community Profile. The logical next step is to extend the Community Profiles to the Mendix App Store.

Community profile integration

We are convinced it’s important that you download content from someone within the Mendix community and not just from the App Store.  By integrating the App Store with the Community Profile, we present a personalized view of the developer who’s publishing the content. When viewing an App Store item you immediately get a brief summary of who created the content and their overall activity in the App Store.  This means you can now match a face with the content you use, and can give them kudos or feedback on their work by writing a review. It’s very much appreciated and you will earn a badge for your Community Profile in return!


When you think about using a product, reviews play a key role in your decision-making process.  Reviews are an important resource for developers to continuously improve their solutions. For that reason reviews now occupy a more important role in the new App Store design. In addition to showing the latest reviews on the App Store landing page, each developer now has an overview of reviews submitted and received in the My App Store section.

Compatibility indicator

We now also offer a compatibility indicator that provides better insight into the usability of App Store content. You can help other developers by specifying whether a specific version of the App Store content works with a specific version of the Modeler. After all, the community is the most qualified to assess the App Store content: It’s the community itself who owns the largest set of use cases, not each individual developer! All in all, the compatibility indicator is a great help when deciding to use an app version with a Mendix Modeler release.


Favorite App Store content by clicking the heart icon on the details page of any item. Each favorite item is added to a shortlist in the My App Store section of the Mendix App Store. Use this shortlist to quickly navigate to your favorite content. In addition, you will receive update notifications on your dashboard when new versions of your favorite items are made available.

App Store leaderboard

We are absolutely delighted that Mendix community members increase their exposure as knowledgeable developers by creating content for the community use. To express our appreciation we’ve added the App Store leaderboard to the homepage. This provides a contributing developer with some prominent real estate!

What kind of content is actually in the App Store?

The App Store adds a lot of value to the Mendix platform. This is true for customers using all kinds of different content, such as modules, connectors and widgets. The content is divided into different categories such as the internet of things, machine learning and importing/exporting data for example. By emphasizing these categories on the homepage new users have a better feeling for what kind of content is available so that they create new apps without having to reinvent the wheel.

Your personal App Store

The My App Store section of the Community Profile also got a well-deserved makeover. My App Store now offers a dashboard that looks great. It provides an overview on everything happening with the content created by you and your company!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and check out all these brand new features in the App Store!

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Roeland Salij