Fast & Easy Sunshine Act Compliance

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Fast & Easy Sunshine Act Compliance

/ November 9, 2011

Life Science organizations in the United States are facing an interesting problem as a result of the Physician Spend Sunshine Law, which requires them to report spend on Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and start collecting data for these reports by January 1st. The law will provide transparency into the contribution of benefits to physicians and require these organizations to report spend on a yearly basis. While the law is certainly a reasonable request by the government, life sciences organizations are having a difficult time setting up the software to automate the otherwise incredibly painstaking manual task.

Your typical life science organization has a number of systems that track a huge amount of transactions, many of which are with HCPs. For the first time, these systems have to be able to talk to each other and spit out reports for Uncle Sam, who has quite a rigid and lengthy list of requirements for those reports. It’s an incredibly time consuming and error-prone process to do by hand, and unless an automated system starts collecting and validating data by the end of this year, these companies are looking at five-figure fines for each incorrectly reported transaction. Yes folks – $10,000 per row in a faulty-migrated excel sheet will get even the heavy hitters attention.

Here’s the kicker: Good old Uncle Sam isn’t exactly standing by his word when it comes to his reporting requirements for the Sunshine Act. Since the announcement was first made, we’ve already seen changes to the reporting guidelines – and we can say with a significant amount of certainty that more are expected to arise within the next few years. This means that any system in place to automate the capture of HCP aggregate spend better be able to adapt to future requirements… on a dime.

If you know about Mendix, you know that we pride ourselves on the ‘built-to-change’ characteristic of applications developed (er, modeled) with Mendix. We’re working with life science companies to solve this little compliance fiasco in a hurry with custom HCP aggregate spend solutions, and we’re preparing them for future changes as well.

The fun part about these projects is that most of them require almost no IT department involvement. Compliance managers and legal counsel seem to enjoy the freedom to implement a solution that supports their integration needs immediately without any need to adventure into the technical abyss.

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