World Cup “Soccer” and Software Modeling - Here by Popular Demand

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World Cup “Soccer” and Software Modeling – Here by Popular Demand

/ July 8, 2010

Working for a Dutch software company, there seems to be only one thing worth writing about – well maybe two: soccer and modeling.

As our US office watches these games with a keen interest in the cultural phenomenon that is “voetbal” – our Dutch counterparts are virtually cut off from reality, entrenched in their teams every move. And they should be, for the Netherlands is now in the World Cup Final, one win away from immortality.

So America, what’s the deal? Why can’t we get into this sport the way we do American football, hockey or baseketball? I ask the same question to the programmers who defy software trends and ignore the strengths of modeling. Is increased ROI and shortened time to market a moot point? Are fast-paced, sometimes violent games with minimal commercials too much for US audiences? I think not.

Fortunately, we are in an era of change for both of these cross cultural intersections. According to Google Trends, Americans have been consistently more interested in soccer over the past two World Cups. Unsurprisingly, software modeling was at its most popular after the tech bubble, and is gaining in popularity after a low point in 2008.  There is no obvious correlation here – but the team at Mendix is riding these trends like a wave to utopia, filled with soccer parades and modular software. Geeky, I know.

As we watch the World Cup Final this Sunday, Americans will tune in to the European equivalent of our Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Stanly Cup combined. Which will come first – the US winning the World Cup, or the World Cup winning the US? We look forward to finding out, as we continue to enlighten our readers on the promises of business modeling. Though we can only watch and hope the popularity of soccer grows in the US, we are downright certain that the future of modeling software is a bright one.

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