The Leading Enterprise High Productivity Platform (aPaaS) on the Market

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Build apps faster

Mendix’s high productivity aPaaS provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools and services to support businesses throughout the entire application lifecycle, from ideation and development through deployment and operation. Mendix is the only high productivity platform built for both speed and control.

Download Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for High Productivity aPaaS Mendix Was Named a Leader

Build Apps Without Code

Mendix apps are built utilizing powerful visual development tools, without having to write a single line of code. This visual method of development allows for real-time collaboration between business and IT teams.

Make Your Business Smarter

Build context-aware applications that proactively interact with users. IoT sensors allow businesses to collect vast amounts of useful data, but Mendix is the only high productivity platform which easily makes this data actionable. The Mendix platform includes out of the box connectivity to best-in-class platforms and services for IoT, big data, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Design Stunning User Interfaces for Any Device

Mendix’s UI framework puts responsive UI design in the hands of rapid developers. Our UI framework includes layouts, UI elements and themes which are fully integrated into our high productivity platform, alongside native mobile features and offline functionality. Mendix apps are built once, for use across all devices.

The Whole Application Lifecycle in One Integrated Package

Other high productivity platforms focus exclusively on building applications, but the Mendix hpaPaaS is built to support the entire application lifecycle. The Mendix platform includes built-in agile project management and one-click deployment, enabling continuous delivery of applications.

Operate At Scale With Confidence

The Mendix high productivity platform utilizes Cloud Foundry and Docker to deploy high-availability apps at web scale. Businesses can either deploy to the Mendix cloud, or instead use a Private/Hybrid model on AWS, IBM Cloud, Azure, Pivotal and more.

Never Be Locked In

Protect your investment with a high productivity platform that is based on open models, APIs, data and standards.

Build Inherently Secure Applications

Mendix’s high productivity aPaaS includes out of the box platform security features, measured against the highest standards.