IoT Solution Architecture – Essentials Guide


What does it take to develop IoT solutions, and how do you establish the right architecture? IoT design is quite different from typical IT solutions in that it bridges the physical world of Operations Technology (OT) with sensors, actuators and communication devices, and the digital world of Information Technology (IT) with data, analytics, workflows, and applications. IoT presents new challenges for management, governance, and security as well.

If you are an Enterprise Architect getting involved in IoT solution development, download this guide to learn the essentials of an IoT solution, recommendations for its architecture, and best practices to get started.

You’ll discover:

  • How to make IoT solution development manageable with a platform approach
  • The diverse set of endpoints, network technologies, protocols, IoT software, and application development services required to connect things, communicate and gain actionable insight
  • How to define a future-proof IoT architecture and an incremental IoT strategy