Supercharge your developers: Essential Mendix platform capabilities for developer glory

We check all the boxes.

Low-code development platforms give organizations the speed, collaboration, and control they need to solve problems and enable business and IT alignment. Not all low-code platforms are created equal, though, and your developers will be the first ones to tell you that. Their opinions are critical because they’re the ones on the frontlines.

To ensure buy-in from your team, we’ve put together a list of Mendix capabilities that will help you supercharge your dev team. Download it. Read it. Start winning.

See what’s important to your developers:

  • The ability to extend and reuse code allows developers to concentrate on the more strategic elements of the project and deliver solutions faster and more accurately to market
  • A platform that enables seamless and automated testing and proactively addresses performance for immediate optimization
  • Built-in transparency to allow everyone involved in projects to gain deeper understanding of the goals and requirements