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Platform Security

Preventing the threat of building technical debt

Bimodal IT is a critical capability for organizations looking to digitize their business.

According to Gartner, however, one of the top four mistakes organizations make when implementing bimodal is failing to maintain a disciplined focus on refactoring and managing technical debt. Hence the benefit of greater agility can turn into a maintenance nightmare in the long run.

Mendix addresses this challenge by providing a unique cloud service that helps customers prevent technical debt.

Application Quality Monitor

Proactively manage software maintainability

The cost of defects rises exponentially depending on the stage in the application lifecycle. Create highly-maintainable applications from the very early stages of development, rather than refactoring in retrospect.

The Mendix Application Quality Monitor offers a dashboard providing instant insight on the quality of the application models you’re building. This industry-first cloud service leverages the Mendix metadata-based Model API, performing static analysis of application models by a best-of-breed engine from our partner SIG.

Application Quality Monitor

Application Quality Rating

The ISO standard for maintainability.

Mendix application models have been mapped by experts from SIG on the ISO 25010 standard for software quality. This service measures key aspects of app maintainability against a set of parameters, and benchmarks your application against a database of thousands of projects on a scale from 1 to 5.

The Mendix Application Quality Monitor not only rates your application but highlights potential issues to be addressed.

Application Quality Rating

Reduce Life Cycle Cost

Addressing the root cause pays off.

Research conducted by SIG shows there is a strong correlation between the cost and effort of handling post-release issues and enhancements and the maintainability rating of an application. Issue resolution time and enhancement effort increase exponentially for applications with lower ratings.

While the average benchmark rating for applications is 3, SIG advises teams to strive for level 4 quality.

Platform Security Graph
SIG Partnership

SIG Partnership

The power of an ecosystem

SIG Partnership

Mendix partners with SIG, an independent advisory firm for software quality and improvement. SIG has more than 15 years’ experience in applying the ISO 25010 standard, and has built mathematical engines to measure software maintainability based on this standard.

Both Mendix and SIG adhere to the highest information security standards. Mendix has obtained ISAE 3402 Type II and SOC 1 Type II assurance reports, and SIG’s services are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Build a high performance application portfolio

Proactively address performance issues

There is nothing more frustrating to users than performance issues. As applications become increasingly complex, though, finding the root cause can be a daunting exercise.

Mendix addresses this challenge by providing a unique set of tools as a cloud service to get a grip on application performance from an early stage.

Application Portfolio

Performance Monitoring

Application monitoring for a better user experience.

The Mendix Application Performance Monitor provides point-in-time visibility, tracking and diagnostics for a better user experience.

Trap Tool

Continuously records all levels of logging and stores it when an error occurs.
Statistics Tool Icon

Statistics Tool

Identifies trends by gathering statistics of application performance.
Performance Tool Icon

Performance Tool

Analyzes individual functions and visualizes where improvement is possible.
Measurements Tool Icon

Measurements Tool

Monitors the CPU and memory, performs measuring queries and alerts if a limit is exceeded.

Embed testing in your application lifecycle

Testing & quality assurance are essential disciplines in all software development projects. However, functional and regression testing can quickly become a burden for applications that go through iterative cycles of development and deployment. Mendix addresses this challenge by providing a unique cloud service to define, automate, and manage your tests.

Application Test Suite Screenshot

Application Test Suite

Prevent the cost of defects. Reduce spend on testing.

The cost of defects can rise exponentially depending on the stage in the lifecycle. Applying the right test approach helps to proactively address functional flaws and technical defects early on. Despite the benefit, testing easily consumes 25 percent of a development project’s budget.

Automate your functional tests for the user stories you’re developing and bring down the overall cost of testing to less than 10 percent of your project budget. The Mendix Application Test Suite offers a suite of tools for embedding testing in your application lifecycle. These tools are built in Mendix on top of Selenium.

Functional Test Automation

Define a test case in just a few minutes.

The Mendix Application Test Suite applies the principles of keyword-driven testing, the fastest way to automate your functional tests. Define a test case in just a few minutes using out-of-the-box automation blocks.
Test Case Icon

Define a test case in just a few minutes.

The Mendix Application Test Suite applies the principles of keyword-driven testing, the fastest way to automate your functional tests. Define a test case in just a few minutes using out-of-the-box automation blocks.
Keyword-Driven Testing Icon

Keyword-Driven Testing

Create your own keywords as reusable building blocks. Use parameters for keywords to pass/return data and use them in multiple scenarios. Avoiding redundancy saves time and keeps your tests maintainable.
Reusable End-to-End Tests Icon

Reusable End-to-End Tests

Once designed, tests can be reused infinitely without additional effort. Use the same tests for multiple purposes in different stages (development, smoke/sanity, system, regression, etc.)
Cross-Browser Testing Icon

Cross-Browser Testing

Design once and run it in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer without any changes.
Refactoring Icon


Change is a constant factor in any application. The intelligent refactoring mechanism helps you keep your tests consistent and avoid redundancy.
Scheduling Icon


The scheduler runs your test at any time without manual input. By running tests in parallel you can process a full array of regression tests in less time.
Application Portability Icon

Platform Version Compatibility

Upon platform updates, differences between platform versions are transparently normalized. No broken tests, no changes required.

LV= has made great progress with the Mendix platform and has very quickly built some substantial applications. The automated testing and performance analytics capability of the Application Test Suite and Performance Monitor is just what we need to allow testing and performance tuning in order to continue at the same rapid pace as the development.

Rod Willmott

Fast Track Innovation Director at LV=