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Build Content-Rich Enterprise Apps with Rapid App Development

Build Content-Rich Enterprise Apps with Rapid App Development by Mendix

One of the biggest challenges companies face when trying to digitally transform is how to rapidly innovate and create applications to ensure better experiences for their employees, partners, and customers. But it’s not just about needing the tools and processes to develop applications; it’s also about accessing and managing content. Many enterprise business processes depend on being able to securely deliver and render content in a variety of file types on a range of devices.

Box and Mendix Diagram

Mendix and Box, a leading enterprise content platform, have partnered to provide a way for organizations to rapidly deliver content-rich applications for their customers, partners and employees, while maintaining enterprise-grade security and compliance for their content and apps .

Leverage Box Secure File Sharing in Your Mendix App

With the combination of rapid application development with full social collaboration and a suite of services around content, this partnership can transform the way organizations work.

With a strong background in enterprise document automation, our partner Nokavision has embraced the vision of both Mendix and Box cloud platforms for rapidly deploying advanced business applications.

Nokavision has developed the Box Module for Mendix and has made it available as an open-source connector to the entire development community in the Mendix AppStore. Through the Mendix Box Connector, every Box API function is available as a native microflow activity in Mendix. Developers can simply drag and drop Box functions into their applications without writing any code. Now there is a fast, easy way to build and deploy custom web and mobile apps that operationalize Box content and make it available in any business process on any device.

Extend Box with beautiful web and mobile apps

Using Mendix, your Box environment can be enriched with advanced workflow and integration capabilities like sharing photos or scanned documents from the Box Capture app on your mobile devices and putting them in workflow applications and self-service portals that are connected to your core systems.

Leverage Box secure file sharing in your Mendix apps

Box offers a suite of services around content, from viewing 120+ filetypes (including office documents but also industry vertical file types like 3D and Dicom), rich metadata, sophisticated search, versioning, mobile document and photo capture, along with enterprise grade security, governance, and auditing. Through the Box connector for Mendix, all of these capabilities can now be used inside web and mobile apps without coding a single line.

Build enterprise-ready apps ten times faster

Organizations can start building enterprise-ready applications such as expense management, HR onboarding, claim submissions, field worker management, and more, utilizing the combined power of Mendix and Box. Leverage Mendix’s visual modeling and agile project management capabilities to build multi-channel applications in short, iterative cycles. Combine these capabilities with Box’s secure file sharing and ability to preview 120 file types to build the next generation of content-rich enterprise applications up to ten times faster than using traditional development.

Address common business problems with reusable solutions

Mendix and Box will jointly develop reusable industry solutions to address common business processes, such as project planning, field worker enablement, case management, claims management and clinical trial management. These reusable templates can be easily deployed or extended by anyone. Box and Mendix will work closely together to develop and support a tight integration between both platforms, including the Box Connector that is available in the Mendix App Store.

An advanced content-centric business application in action

Looking to increase the speed, quality and accessibility of the solutions they provide their customers and employees, Endemol Shine Group, a global production powerhouse creating world-class content for all platforms, has embraced a cloud-first, multi-channel application strategy. For these reasons, they have adopted Mendix for rapid application development and Box for secure file sharing.

We see a lot of value in using Mendix together with Box to quickly build web and mobile applications…” – Leon Backbier, ICT Manager, Endemol Shine Group

“We see a lot of value in using Mendix together with Box to quickly build web and mobile applications that extend the out-of-the-box functionality of Box with engaging UIs and custom business logic,” Leon Backbier, ICT Manager, Endemol Shine Group.

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