How Supply Chain Portals reduce CO2 Emissions

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How Supply Chain Portals reduce CO2 Emissions

/ March 16, 2010

There a quite a few companies that have come to see the Mendix app platform as an appropriate choice in software initiatives. They see the value in empowering business people, cutting costs, being more agile – etc. Within this portfolio of software lie several examples of companies that utilize software for the sake of the environment.

Here’s an example:

HST Group, a transportation and logistics service provider based in the Netherlands is one such example. They’re making more eco-friendly decisions than ever because they have information that wasn’t previously available. CAPE Group, a Mendix partner, developed an award winning portal using the Mendix platform. The portal informs HST’s customers about the CO2 emission resulting from their transport orders. By giving clients access to this data and alternative transport strategies, they distinguished themselves as green and drove home a serious value proposition.

ROI is probably better than you think

Anyone who says going the environmentally friendly route is at best a long term investment isn’t thinking in the right direction. Forward thinking companies, in various industries, will demonstrate and perform their business processes through online portals. As it turns out, using these portals to measure eco-data can turn into big bucks. Chances are, if you’re not tracking your emissions, someone else is – so why pay for the information when aggregating it can be easy?

Small businesses may apply

Using an agile, visual, business-driven development approach was key in the case of HST Group; it increased return on investment by saving loads of time, normally spent on documentation and manual coding. A whole new realm of SMB’s can manage B2B strategies with the same user friendly interfaces, branded design, and automated processes that B2C marketers have known about for years. HST Group is a great example of a company successfully tracking their carbon footprint while of minimizing cost and jumpstarting revenue.

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