Mendix Academy - Go Make It...with Feedback of course

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Mendix Academy – Go Make It…with Feedback of course

Mendix Academy – Go Make It…with Feedback of course by Gosia Pytel

Mendix Academy consists of professionals in the field of online education, including Instructional Designers with different backgrounds in eLearning. As Mendix Instructional Designers, we are responsible for shaping the overall learning experiences for Mendix Studio and Studio Pro. We make sure that learning happens in the correct pedagogical order, follows the rules of how adults learn, and creates a significant and helpful experience.

We oversee the educational value and make sure Mendix Academy teaches you about Mendix, but we don’t write technical content. We are not developers. And we’re not afraid to admit it!

We’re always learning, too

We want to craft education and enable our developers to use their knowledge-sharing talents. But sometimes there’s the occasional word missing, or imprecise instructions. What might make perfect sense to us may not necessarily make sense for students.

This is why we gladly welcome suggestions. Because we don’t always see the occasional words missing, or maybe an imprecise instruction. Sometimes what we write might make perfect sense to us when explained by the author, but not necessarily to all students. We are always striving to keep our great learning paths up to date and make our courses better! That’s why we solicit suggestions for improvements in the learning paths. We want to be better for you and make the learning paths more precise and understandable.

Choose your channel and speak

There are a few ways to let us know about inaccuracies you spot.

Feedback Button

If you have feedback towards the learning path itself – you found a typo, the instructions are unclear, or anything else about the content – send us a feedback item. It’s easy. Click the feedback button on the right side of your screen, point your mouse to the error you are referring to, and add a comment. Don’t forget to add the learning path and lecture you are referring to, so we can act quickly!

We monitor this channel frequently, but response times may vary.

Add a comment

Providing feedback helps us immensely in perfecting the learning paths, so you and other learners can enjoy them without any worries!

Mendix Forum

If you’re following a learning path correctly but don’t get the desired outcome, Mendix Forum is always open to help you out, too!

Mendix Forum is a community of Mendix developers and–in cases where things are not working–the quickest and most reliable form of support. Additionally, being an active community member gives you the chance to help someone else! You can get tips and tricks and explain problems you figured out yourself that no one else did!

Mendix Support

If something in your Mendix Portal doesn’t work technically, then it’s best to contact Mendix Support. They can verify your account, check if everything is correctly configured, and help you restore it to the working condition.

What’s in it for you?

With your help, we’ll be able to go back, iterate, and move closer and closer to the perfect learning experience. We are always learning for your benefit. Ed Catmull, now-retired president of Pixar (who back in the day pushed the animation studio to break the limits of computer animation), said: “We must remember that failure gives us chances to grow.” And that, dear learners, is why we want you to point the imperfections.

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Gosia Pytel