Rapid Application Delivery in the Cloud: Mendix is Leading the Charge

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Rapid Application Delivery in the Cloud: Mendix is Leading the Charge

/ January 6, 2015

I might be a bit biased, but in my opinion Mendix really took off in 2014. From our $25 million funding to product innovations like our free Community Edition and cross-platform mobile app development, to a huge crowd at Mendix World and ecosystem growth driven by partnerships with HP, Mphasis and many others, and most importantly to the many new members of the Mendix user community, 2014 was a year to remember.

At Mendix, we are constantly striving forward, driven by our mission to change the way organizations build applications so they can better innovate and compete. Just before the new year, that focus on product innovation and customer success paid off in the form of another milestone: Mendix was named a Leader in the Rapid Developers segment of The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms, Q4 2014!


Here’s a hint: Mendix is described as being “focused solely on providing rapid developers with a time- and effort-saving alternative to conventional development platforms.” The report also says Mendix “includes extensive, visual declarative development and delivery tools, prebuilt application components, and support for both web and mobile application creation.”

Rapid Developers are the New Superheroes

Why are these capabilities so important? While demand for custom applications has never been higher, traditional development approaches simply can’t keep pace. The inherent value of a cloud-based rapid application delivery platform like Mendix is that it brings IT and the business together, enabling faster, more iterative and more collaborative development.

And just as Mendix enables a new, more productive development approach, so too does it open up opportunities for a new type of user: the rapid developer. Rapid Developers don’t necessarily fit the mold of a traditional developer. They have one leg in IT and the other in the business, and would rather solve business problems than get bogged down with technical details.

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In the Wave report, Forrester says that Rapid Developers “prefer(s) not to code” and “want(s) high productivity, not resource details.” The analysts go on to say that “Rapid devs want to deliver major applications in weeks – days if possible. They see public cloud platforms as a fresh start with the potential to yield massive gains in the quantity, velocity, and quality of application delivery.”

Sound familiar? If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve likely seen profiles of rapid developers who use Mendix to build great apps at astonishing speeds. The great news is that these rapid developers exist not just in IT but throughout the organization, in virtually every department—and they’re the key to decimating project backlogs and driving innovation in 2015.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are delivering unprecedented business impact with rapid application delivery in the cloud—and Mendix is leading the charge in this exciting market. But we believe the best is yet to come.

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