[Webinar Preview] Your Blueprint for Rapid App Delivery Success

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[Webinar Preview] Your Blueprint for Rapid App Delivery Success

[Webinar Preview] Your Blueprint for Rapid App Delivery Success by Mendix

The need for business applications continues to rise. Whether to compete with new digitally native competitors or to enable more digitally savvy employees, businesses are in a rush to deliver applications to innovate and differentiate their group.

But despite the urgent demands– most IT leaders say that they are unprepared and unable to deliver what the business needs to succeed. In fact, a recent survey of nearly 500 global IT and business executives found that 71% of IT teams are behind, unable to handle their business’s application delivery demands.

Bombarded with requests for new applications, IT organizations are under duress. And this growing chasm between what the business needs to succeed and IT’s ability to deliver is only leading to problems within the enterprise.

Not only has demand risen, but turnaround times have shrunk. To capitalize on new market opportunities, you need to work faster – and adapt more quickly to changes. That means, you need to find a way to deliver multi-channel, multi-device applications in a fast, flexible way. But to do this, you need to rethink your approach to application delivery.

And that’s where rapid application development comes into play. For most teams, it’s no longer a question of “if” they’ll adopt a rapid application delivery approach but how they’ll do it. Specifically, IT leaders are looking for tips to ensure the fast and effective adoption of rapid application development platforms.

To help IT teams rethink their approach to application delivery, and successfully implement a rapid application development program, John Rymer, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research will join me for a webinar and share his blueprint for rapid app delivery success. During this live event, he’ll discuss how you can make the right platform choice and implement a new approach that will accelerate your software delivery cadence and capacity.

Leave with insight into the following topics:

  • How business and IT leaders can meet surging application demands
  • Why organizations are making rapid app platforms a reality
  • Top questions analysts get about rapid app development

In today’s digital world, application delivery is a top priority. And this webinar is intended to help ensure that IT teams play an integral role in the success of their enterprise. Find out how you can transform your business into a digital enterprise through the delivery of new business applications. We hope you join us!

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