Break It Down, Build It Up, Come Together

Mendix World 2021 exists to provide an open forum for people who want to share their low-code triumphs and innovations with their peers. It also provides those who are new to low-code development an opportunity to discover what they can build — or solve — with this technology.

There is a wealth of sessions to choose from this year — everyone from the technically brilliant to the chronically curious will find a story worth listening to. Mendix World has learning tracks, product announcements, platform demos, and phenomenal speakers*, but a huge part of this event is the chance to meet and engage with your peers who have solved the kind of problems you’re facing or served their time in the technical trenches right along with you.

The global challenges of 2020 taught us the importance of forging connections in a remote world. So this year, we’re embracing the power of the gathering. Above all, Mendix World is where innovators, disruptors, and creative thinkers can learn from one another and be challenged and inspired to do more.

From September 7-9, 2021, makers from around the world will assemble for the world’s largest virtual low-code assembly.

*No, you won’t find who the speakers are in this blog post. And yes, you’ll be thrilled when we finally do reveal who you’ll be hearing from!

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Some Assembly Required

Last year, we presented you with more than 70 on-demand learning opportunities, including an amazing session on fostering creativity in your team and turning ideas into solutions with special guest Duncan Wardle, former head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney.

This year, we took your feedback from years past and built an agenda with your interests, struggles, and goals at the very core.

Mendix World is a gathering point for world-class developers, IT leaders, enterprise architects, and business visionaries. The eclectic mix of skill sets, interests, and industries is part of what makes the event so great, but we recognize that what might get a software engineer’s synapses firing at full power might not thrill a business analyst. With that in mind, we created sessions that are tailored to different interests.

We’ve curated the perfect session agenda options for you based on feedback from previous events. Attendees can sign up for hands-on builds, demos, and small-group Q&A sessions. Technical learning paths cover everything from your most common questions, to product and feature updates, to extending Mendix apps with custom code.

IT Leaders
With Mendix in your tech stack, it all comes together. Attend industry roundtables and learning path sessions designed to help the enterprise harness emerging technologies and deliver business value faster than ever.

See what your peers have architected with low-code in their arsenal. Innovators are changing the future of software — find out where it’s headed in technically-rich sessions on tackling legacy modernization and cloud capabilities.

Business Leaders & Business Analysts
Find out how other organizations have broadened their development capabilities by building software collaboratively on a low-code platform. See how this changed their abilities to solve problems and drive value.

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Different Ways Forward

It’s not always just about what you do or who you are — it’s also about where your organization is and what they need from low-code to meet the individual needs of their business. For that reason, we also created tracks that align with where your organization might be on the road to low-code success.

We’re serving up content meant to foster growth and innovation at both the enterprise and personal level. Make the conference your own with an ideal mix of technical sessions, value-driven discussions, customer stories, AMAs, and product updates.

Whether you are just beginning your low-code journey or you are a Mendix expert, there’s plenty in store for you. Here’s just a sneak peek:

  • Get Started with Low-Code: Your crash course in Mendix, from platform evaluation to first project go-live.
  • Everyday Development: Answering your most common low-code queries.
  • Expert Development: Take your app development to the next level with expert courses on topics like design systems and extending your Mendix applications.
  • Architect for Scale: See how Mendix plays with the rest of your tech stack and what good low-code architecture looks like in practice.
  • Business Transformation: Learn how to turn your low-code platform investment into a multi-faceted, future-proof tech strategy.
  • Digitalize Customer Experience: See how the teams at Erie Insurance and Mitsubishi Elevator Europe are keeping up with the demand for exceptional customer experiences with low-code.
  • Solutions for Your Industry: See how experts in banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing are overcoming common business challenges with low-code.

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Low-Code without Limits

Today, more enterprises than ever use low-code to power up business-IT collaboration, modernize legacy systems, and drive business value. Just ask Gartner — the research firm’s second-most viewed report from the last year was the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms.

Mendix World 2021 is a build-your-own-conference-adventure. You are empowered to explore what matters most to you and your organization.

Low-code makers are everywhere, and they are developing game-changing apps that start to deliver business value at the moment of deployment and are able to evolve through constant disruption. Come see what they’ve built. Come see what you can build.

What does Mendix World 2021 have in store for you? You’ll have to register to find out.