Mendix World 2021 is almost here and we’ve got the inside scoop on all the sessions you won’t want to miss! So pull your screen a little closer and take a good look at how others in the industry are inspiring game-changing apps that turn banking and insurance products into a multi-faceted, future-proof tech advantage.

Top 5 Banking and Insurance Sessions to Attend


How Erie Insurance Created a Mobile App With no Mobile Developers 

with Mike Grimes, Andy Luebke

“Unleash the power of your most valuable assets: Your people.”

This is what Erie Insurance did when they found market research that showed that a mobile application was a key touchpoint for their policyholders, but they had no mobile developers on staff. With a pressing need requiring decisive action, Erie Insurance tapped their low-code developers to leverage Mendix 8 to create a native mobile app built for Android and iOS platforms at the same time.


How AZL Pensions Provides 1.5 Million Customers a More Transparent Financial Future With Low-Code 

with Edward Heijkers, Marc Gelissen

“Scale long-term solutions in a single bound.

When pension provider AZL needed a way for their thousands of employees and 1.5 million customers to easily gain a more dynamic understanding of their contributions beyond a single annual report, they (along with their partner, Bizzomate), created a pension portal. Through this portal, employees and customers are able to receive updates on legislation impacting their pension, conduct scenario analysis, and see how much is available to them. Hear more about best practices around legacy modernization projects with low-code, how to support the customer journey, and parameters to support development with speed.


Support Your Core Insurance Processes With the Humble Bee Insurance Suite 

with Andreé van Teeseling

“You have the people, we have the platform. Let’s pull it all together.”

Knowing how crucial it is for insurance companies to digitize front and back-end core processes with speed, First Consulting created the Humble Bee Insurance Suite to profoundly decrease the time it takes to set up and configure new component-based products. This session is set up to show you how your team can use the suite to efficiently manage insurance products and policies, including product lifecycle, underwriting, and claim handling processes. First Consulting will also be talking about how to customize the suite with out-of-the-box APIs, system integrations and more. 


Building a Mobile Customer Banking Application With Albaraka 

with Mohammed Kaka, Hamzah Asmall

“Power up your people and unleash their best thinking.” 

Hear from Albaraka’s COO and Development Digitalization Manager how their team created a next-level mobile banking application with a light operational footprint. They will share how the team took advantage of Mendix capabilities to support open API initiatives, and lessons from developing native applications.


The API Ecosystem for Insurers 

with Jeff Goldberg

“Future-proof your strategy to change the way you do business.” 

Insurers have finally bought into the cloud, and the approach to systems has moved from a license/maintenance model to an ecosystem of products for a service fee. Join Jeff Goldberg as he discusses the API ecosystem and how insurers can build a strategy to integrate point solution insuretechs, sales and service channels, and core system infrastructures with data providers.


Our Guide to FinServ at MX World: 

Five sessions doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of valuable insight, action and ideas that Mendix World 2021 is bringing to the financial services industry. Click here to browse through the other sessions available (you can sort by industry!), and create a personalized agenda catered to your most need-to-know topics.