Digital Innovation Guide: What is Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation Guide: What is Digital Innovation

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Today, digital innovation is at the heart of every organization. You need to digitize internal operations to do things better, faster, and cheaper; find new ways to engage users; and bring new products and services to market. But driving digital innovation is hard work. Changing market conditions mean that you’re planning around a moving target, and with disruptive startups popping up all over, competition is mounting. You need a faster path to transform your innovative new ideas into winning applications.

Create a Faster Path

More and more organizations are creating innovation labs, or fast-track teams, that act as incubators within their enterprises. These groups provide a fast lane through the business to speed discussions and delivery of applications that tie into digital innovation initiatives. But speeding end-to-end results requires the right people, process, and platform. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • People: Select two to three people from across business and IT teams who are passionate about delivering business value. No more large scale teams, just a small group of highly focused people who can collaborate to find digital solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Process: Leverage an agile, iterative process to drive innovation without disrupting existing operations or development efforts. By continuously iterating toward the perfect solution, you can release new digital functionality more frequently, show progress, and collect more market feedback (which then can be actioned more quickly through additional development sprints).
  • Platform: Find the right technology to empower your people and reinforce your process. Look for a unified platform that manages the entire application lifecycle, including program management, team collaboration, rapid application development, instant cloud deployment, and application management.

With the right people, process, and platform in place – you’re ready to drive digital innovation at lightning speeds. Learn more about Mendix’s digital innovation platform, and our approach to enabling the right people through the right process.

Driving Digital Innovation for a Competitive Edge

We’re now living in the age of digital Darwinism, where you evolve or you become irrelevant. In fact, 4 out of 10 companies will be dead in 10 years if they fail to drive digital innovation. In order to stay relevant, you need to deliver the right applications at the right time. While you likely have a host of new ideas, focus first on those ideas that have the greatest bang for your digital buck.

The top digital solutions focus on the following 3 areas:

  • Customer, partner or supplier engagement – Simplify the way information is accessed and transactions are processed. Remember, people want to engage wherever and whenever is convenient for them. Applications that support this goal include advisement tools, fact finding assistance for employees, and customer portals.
  • Product and service innovation – Differentiate your business by enhancing existing products and services with digital components – or even creating net new products or services. Product and service innovation often involves new applications that enable mobile services, personalized product offerings, and new business models.
  • Internal systems processing, reporting, or access – Digitize your back-office processes to improve efficiency, ultimately reducing the cost of service and support, while improving response times and customer satisfaction. Consider how you can automate complex internal workflows, enable faster reporting and decision making, and empower your workforce through new applications that enable better access to data and better mobility.

See how customers use Mendix’s application platform to drive digital innovation across all departments.